Anne L. Packard Anne has brought to her work an instinct and skill drawn from a deep family well of American and European painters. A third generation  Provincetown painter, she is a bona fide Cape Cod artist. Her grandfather, Max Bohm, was a leading turn of the century impressionist painter, who in 1916 came to Provincetown with many European and American artists.  Her grandmother, great-aunt, uncle and mother were also respected painters.  The painting tradition runs strong in her family and continues with her children. Born and raised in Hyde Park, NJ, Anne spent summers as a child in Provincetown.  She moved here year round in 1977 after raising her 5 children.  A self-taught artist, initially her art was worked on wood panels and weathered shingles.  She studied with the late Phil Malcoat.  Anne has painted the Outer Cape, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Mexico for over 30 years. Artist Collection | Biography

Kevin Shea's paintings are crafted from traditional artist's materials. His oils are painted from rich handground pigments on Belgian linen with goldleaf style frames. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his work and instruction with over twenty years experience painting outdoors as a full-time professional artist. Shea's work has been displayed nationally with the American Artists Professional League and the Salmagundi Club. He has been featured in numerous publications and on CNN, and displays his work with six galleries. Collectors of Shea's limited edition fine art prints enjoy his light, lyrical beach scenes, nautical lighthouses, and his popular landmark prints featuring Fenway Park and Boston Public GardenArtist CollectionBiography

Gary Korlin began his art career at an early age. His formal art education began at a state college but was soon replaced with specialized training... Gary continues with life-sized figure work, landscapes, still-lifes and an ever-growing demand for portraiture. Still frequenting the European scene, his paintings hang in collections in England, France, Italy and Austria. His work has been shown in San Francisco, New York, London, South Africa and France."    Artist Collection |  Biography

Sergio Roffo - "2007 Pops By The Sea" sponsored by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.  has been inspired by the work of American traditional painters such as Inness &Bierstadt, among others. Roffo's representations of coastal landscapes reveal a luminous, masterful feeling. As you view his art, you will discover a precise sense of value and atmospheric perspective that conveys a relaxed sense of calmness; a characteristic that defines and informs all of his works. serious artist, Roffo continually strives to capture the elusive essence that is Nature. "My mission is trying to convey to the viewer the spirituality and sacredness of my work, indicating the harmony of nature through color and light. As artists, our creative goals will never be accomplished. We will always be students of nature, because nature does it so beautifully. We live each day passionately, others only dream of!" Artist CollectionBiography

John Bannon home and studio are in a wooded, historic Virginia suburb of Washington , where he specializes in landscapes, still life, and portraits. States Bannon "My paintings are to celebrate the BEAUTY of our visual world and the joys of seeing. I paint directly from nature because one must be in its presence to fell the whole gamut of emotions and sensual impressions aroused by the subject." Bannon had the distinct honor of being a student, assistant and ?? of M. Jacques Maroger, former Technical Director of the Louvre Laboratories, Paris, himself a renown painter and expert in the drawing and painting techniques of the old masters. Artist Collection |  Biography 

Leonard Mizerek nurtured his artistic love of nature while growing up in the Brandywine Valley. As a young boy, he often went painting along the Brandywine River, deriving inspiration from the countryside of nearby Pennsylvania. His early influence was with the Brandywine School.  He was recently awarded Artist in Residence for June 06 at the Museum Yvonne Jean-Haffen in Dinan, France. He was one of 15 artists selected to paint at the Forbes Colorado Ranch; and exhibited at the Forbes Museum in New York and made part of the permanent collection. He was featured on the August 2001 cover of American Artist Magazine . He was invited as one of 23 nationally recognized contemporary marine artists to exhibit in a special three museum exhibition, which toured New England to the Newport Art Museum, the Maine Maritime Museum and Connecticut River Museum.  Artist CollectionBiography

Christopher Wheat. "My goal as an artist is to capture the feeling of the subject and bring the viewer into the image, evoking the feeling of being there,"states Christopher, "I have been fortunate to do the one thing that I have always dreamed about doing for my work, to be an artist. There is a freedom that is hard to explain that comes with doing what you were meant to do in life. The joy I bring to the easel with me each day is hard to contain as I work on a painting. I have found that this is really what makes my paintings come to life. I truly enjoy creating beautiful paintings." Artist Collection |  Biography

Joan Chakonas. She says "I learned how to really paint with Marla Korr, my teacher. She is a fine artist who exhibits in Connecticut, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. I still take weekly lessons with her.  I began painting in 1988 in watercolors and moved on to oils within the year."
- About the Century House: "My Nantucket experience for the past three years has been the Century House bed and breakfast.  Each year I begin packing sooner and sooner because I cannot wait to arrive.  It is an honor and privilege to have been invited to participate in the Artists Program.   It is so nice to have such appreciative and generous hosts.  The accommodations are elegant, the breakfast spread literally carries me through dinner so there is no interruption to our on site painting. Artists who are granted this privilege are very fortunate.”  Artist Collection  |  Biography

Catherine M. Elliott is a contemporary artist whose work is evocative of the American Impressionism style of painting. "My paintings are primarily of atmospheric and light conditions portraying the subjects quality. I try to capture the true grace and elegance of the remaining countryside of New England. My goal through my paintings is to capture a moment of time and place by use of color and form to invoke the viewer to "see" the sublime. It is a fascinating challenge to hold on to an hour or a season and to magnify its wonder and peace." Painting en plein air, out of doors, she seeks to convey the fleeting effects of sunlight and atmosphere. Inspired by Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and the French Impressionism Painters, her work explores atmospheric and lighting conditions successfully rendering the overall sense of light. Enjoy the still lifes, nature, landscapes, seascapes, boats, ships, flowers, and fruits. Her works are painterly visions of her innermost admiration of God's creation offering the viewer a sense of awe and peace. Artist Collection |  Biography  

Barbara Lussier. A philosophically direct descendant of the American Hudson River and Old Lyme painters, Barbara approaches her subject in a way that embraces these traditions working from direct observation and honoring nature. Her landscapes explore the romance of color and light and have been described as “poetry.”  Artist Collection  |  Biography

William Duffy. "Duffy himself says it's impossible for him to paint a place unless he has a special feeling for it and it's this personal connection that charges his paintings with such emotion. He says "Landscape paintings for me are a means to explore composition and express deep-seated spiritual sentiments. I search out places that are conducive to these ends."
- About the Century House: "Over the last ten years, through the kind and energetic encouragement of JeanE and Gerry (not to mention the fabulous accommodations of Century House), Nantucket has become one of the places which puts me in a state of heart where I have done some of my best work." Artist Collection  |  Biography

Robert Farber's style has helped to influence a generation of photographers through vast public exposure of his work. He spearheaded the original Artist Workshop, a Brilliant International Photographer.  His eight coffee table books have sold over a million copies. Sixty of his images have been published as posters and distributed worldwide. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis brought Farber into Doubleday to publish his book "By The Sea," which won the Art Director's award for color photography."   Jean Ellen and Gerry quote in his book "By the Sea," Nantucket is " just like a lover, -- so familiar and comforting -- so wild and unpredictable." Artist CollectionBiography

Gary Akers is one of America's foremost contemporary realist, painting in watercolor, dry brush and egg tempera. Akers is considered to be a master of light and shadow in his exciting composition. His works are praised both for their beauty and for their richness of detail, and that level of detail is all the more remarkable considering the medium he works in. Artist Collection  |  Biography

Diane Aeschliman. As a child, Diane was introduced to the world’s finest art during a two-year trip to Europe.  In Paris for a year, she studied drawing with an elderly professor from the Ecole  des Beaux Arts.  His own rigorous training had required ten years of drawing before he was allowed to use color.  Diane’s work reflects her dedication to this disciplined quest for drawing skill.  Her belief is that freedom of expression and the best painting spring from the knowledge and mastery of drawing, or, that drawing is to painting what the root is to the flower. Diane believes in working from life as much as possible, whether portrait, still life or landscape.  She accepts commissions in all three disciplines, and has traveled as far as Switzerland to paint a portrait Artist Collection  |  Biography 

Douglas Smith. About the Century House.  "The Century House experience is wonderful.  Hosts, Gerry and JeanE and staff run a first rate BB.  The artists' Charette provided time and place to paint the island in a relaxed setting."  October 12, 2007 Artist Collection  |  Biography 

Greg Sobran "Greg believes strongly in the traditional technique of working quickly on location to achieve a spontaneous, fresh style that never becomes too labored or overly fussy. His work is represented in galleries across the country as well as in many prestigious collections." Artist CollectionBiography 

Michael Harrell. "From Nantucket, Massachusetts to the far reaches of the Florida panhandle and the Bahamas, Michael Harrell is almost always close to the water. Observing from shore, sailing on the bay or deep in the marshes at low tide with a third generation oysterman, Harrell moves quietly among the timeless moods of coastal living, recording real people in real environments with a depth of perception well beyond his years."
- About the Century House: "Nantucket reminds me of America's nautical heritage...especially the cobblestone streets which were used as ballast on the whaling ships.  I also like the fact that the Century House used to be a ship captain's house in the 1800's.”   Artist Collection   |  Biography 

Julia O'Malley Keyes "Although it is unusual to find a woman so deeply involved in this genre of painting, Ms. O’Malley-Keyes has made her mark as one of today’s most collected contemporary marine artists. “The sea is in my blood. It seems completely natural that as a mature artist I have focused on marine art, it feels like coming home”. Julia has spent many years studying with noted fine artists in Europe, China, New York City and on Cape Cod. Her unsurpassed use of vibrant color and luminosity executed in an Old Masters' technique faithfully conveys the sense of place, the ebb and flow and the thrill of big yacht racing.  Her paintings are collected extensively by yachting enthusiasts, private collectors and corporate admirers of her work, throughout the United States, Europe and Canada."
- About the Century House: "Nantucket Island is one of the most peaceful, engaging places on the face of the earth.  In my humble opinion, the only REAL way to have a true island experience is to stay at the Century House, haven for the world weary.  The rooms are not only charming and beautifully designed but wonderfully comfortable. Each room is unique, decorated with its own island colors, original art, Persian rugs, comfortable seating areas and the most divine sheets!! Thick fluffy towels, a full compliment of bath products and dressing gown were set carefully in my bathroom by their impeccable staff. Gerry’s famous “Berry Buffet Breakfast” eaten in the comfy kitchen with other guests or on the marvelous wrap-around porch, (complete with chirping birds and abundant, colorful array of flowers) is an early riser’s dream.  This is no ordinary guesthouse fare.  Berries of every imaginable color and shape served with crème fresh or yogurt, freshly baked pastries, healthy granola, perfectly ripened fruit and the best coffee this side of Starbucks….set me up for a day of cruising around the local villages and pristine beaches. When I returned in the afternoon I found chocolate, homemade cookies, and a “spot of tea” waiting for me… heavenly!! As an artist, I was impressed with the vast collection of original art, found in every conceivable spot throughout the inn.  The Century House is the place to stay while on Nantucket.  I can’t wait to see that familiar porch coming into view on my yearly pilgrimage….I always return home, rested, inspired and a little miffed that my “berry breakfast” is not awaiting me each morning." Artist Collection  |  Biography

Don Mosher. "Don has been a painting instructor and demonstrator and has been featured in several national publications including Yankee and American Artist Magazine. His paintings hang in the permanent collections of large corporations, institutions, banks, and private homes throughout the United States and abroad including the Peabody Museum, Portland Art museum, and the State House in Boston.  As adept with watercolor as he is with oils, Donald Allen Mosher moves freely between the two and his vivid expressive impressionist interpretations of New England in oils form a delightful counterpoint to his softer, gentler watercolor compositions."
- About the Century House: "My wife and I stayed at the Century House many times over the last 15 years.  JeanE and Gerry have always made us feel like part of their family.  As artists we have the close proximity to downtown and to the beaches...a perfect location and a warm atmosphere."   Artist Collection |  Biography

Lori Zummo "For the past twelve years, Lori Zummo has been one of Nantucket’s most popular and best selling artists, while showing every summer at the Robert Wilson Galleries. Original oil paintings can currently be seen and purchased at their Nantucket and Sarasota."
- About the Century House: "I always love coming back to the Century house after a long day of painting at the beach. The friendly staff and comfortable accommodations provide such a charming respite right in the heart of beautiful downtown Nantucket.  My stays here have always been a pleasure." Artist Collection  |  Biography

Deborah Leonard Deborah Leonard is vice president of the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, vice- president of Simsbury Open Studios, and past president of the Avon Arts Association. She was co-founder of the Farmington Valley's City and Country Canvases event. Her work has appeared in numerous juried shows and is part of the permanent collection at the Simsbury Library, The River View Banquet Facility and UCONN Medical Center. Debbie’s work is in many private collections in the U.S. and Europe. It is for sale at Petrini Gallery, Avon, Puffins Gallery of Mystic, Le Cherche Midi in Nantucket, and Venetucci Home in Westbrook, CT. She teaches art classes for adults and does much to promote the arts in her community. She also serves as a vice president on the board of the Farmington River Watershed Association and the Farmington Valley Visitors Association. She has designed jewelry to benefit the Farmington River Watershed Association that is for sale at Bill Selig Jewelers in Simsbury and Windsor. Artist Collection | Biography 

Janice Dravidson Janice Anne Drevitson began her studies in Gloucester and Boston, Massachusetts at the St. Botolph Street Studios while still in high school, winning her first award in 1964. She attended Vesper George School of Art, and after moving to Vermont Janice continued to study painting under the guidance of her nationally known husband, Neil Drevitson. Janice has been privileged to be associated with such distinguished artists as Robert Douglas Hunter, Aldro Hibbard, Jack Callahan and Don Stone. Painting primarily still-lifes in the Boston School tradition. Janice's work is becoming widely recognized throughout New England. Working in the sight-size method , and only in natural light, her work has attracted an eager group of prominent collectors.  Artist CollectionBiography 

Neil Dravidson  Neil was born in 1944 in Camp Lejeune. North Carolina. His father was a career Marine and his mother was an accomplished artist. The influence of his mother led Neil to the art world at an early age. He says the first time I held a bunch of crayons in my hand my future life was decided. He went on to art school and graduated from Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. He spent eight years studying on an individual basis with four of New Englands finest nationally known professional artists where the tradition of the Boston School of Painting took firm hold on him. His lifes work since has been as a full time professional artist. Home is in Woodstock, Vermont, where he maintains a studio with his artist wife, Janice. They also own and operate Fox Gallery Fine Art in Woodstock Village, showcasing their art.   Artist Collection | Biography

Jennifer Holmes Ms. Holmes paints in Watercolors, Acrylics, Oils, and Pastels. After attending Rochester Institute of Technology, Hartford Art School, and finishing with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing Management at Central Connecticut State University, she chose to pursue painting. While studying Pastel with Frank Federico and Claudia Post, she was encouraged to expand her efforts to include Drawing and Oil Painting with Bernard McTigue and workshops with the Plein Air Painters of America. “Plein Air painting is exciting to me because I love to be outside in the natural world. Like a good 'read' you are so involved you are aware of nothing else. When you triumphantly close the book you are still full of the emotions and the mood. You are still there. Working to create that same sense of presence for the viewer is part of my challenge.”  ArtistCollection  | Biography

George Augusta George was the eldest child of a Boston police officer and his wife, born on July 3, 1922 in Dorchester MA. He attended Boston Latin School before enlisting in the Army at the start of WWII. Versed in several languages, George was assigned to Signal Intelligence and deciphered Luftwaffe codes in North Africa and Italy. In Florence he was befriended by an Italian painter and began his first serious art studies. His experiences in Italy ignited lifelong passions for word puzzles and fine arts. Artist Collection | Biography

David Bareford “Lush color harmonies and a sumptuous palette” describes the work of painter David Bareford. Born and raised in New Jersey, Bareford moved to New England after graduation from college. Fascinated by the watercolor medium as a student, he achieved success early and had his work regularly shown in the exhibitions of the American Watercolor Society, Allied Artists of America and the National Academy of Design. Cape Ann, just north of Boston, has been home to many nationally known artists and occupies a prominent place in the history of art in America. Compelled by a desire to live near the ocean, Bareford moved to Rockport in 1971. Soon a member of the Rockport Art Association, Bareford’s painting flourished in this environment. Artist Collection | Biography

Richard French 

Armand Cabrera Armand Cabrera was born in San Francisco. He recently moved to beautiful Northern Virginia where he enjoys the challenge of painting the 4 seasons. An award-winning, self-taught artist, Armand is a full time oil painter represented by galleries across the United States.
In addition to his Fine Art career, Armand has spent 2 decades as a successful production artist in the computer games and entertainment industry, creating conceptual designs, background art, and special effects animation and storyboarding. His clients include LucasFilm Games, Disney, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Virgin Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Microsoft and Paramount Pictures. Armand has had numerous One-Man Exhibitions and his work is found in notable corporate and private collections around the world. He has been juried into the prestigious Laguna Plein Air Competition, Sonoma Plein Air, Plein Air Easton,  California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibitions, Carmel Art Festival, Telluride Plein Air, Sonora Plein Air, International Museum of Contemporary Masters "Salon International", Napa Valley Museum, Rocky Mountain Plein Air, The Haggin Museum and many other national exhibitions. Armand has been honored with top awards at many of these shows. Artist Collection | Biography

John Caggiano John Caggiano was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he studied pre-engineering at Brooklyn Technical High School. He received a BA degree from Brooklyn College and an MFA from Pratt Institute, both with honors. His education was supplemented by courses at The Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City.
He relocated to Rockport, Massachusetts in 1980, drawn to the physical beauty and unique quality of Cape Ann’s light. He travels extensively, both here and abroad, painting on location. This plein aire approach enables him to capture the essence of the time and place that he interprets into his bright and colorful “Impressionistic-realism” style. The work is further enhanced by his daring use of a palette knife, enhancing the effects of his brushwork. “Painting for me is the bold and dynamic use of color that infuses life into the subject of the painting. Color is the lifeblood of the painting. Nothing stimulates more than its pleasing harmony, whether strongly applied or toned and tranquil.”
John loves the sea. He has always lived near it and feels withdrawal symptoms when traveling on one of his landlocked painting trips. Although he’s been on an occasional sailing trip, his most intimate experience with Neptune has been as a crew member on a commercial purse-seiner in his youth. He is now more than satisfied to have his feet on dry land, recording the activities of others with brushes and paint. Artist Collection | Biography

Frank Corso Frank Corso was born in Syracuse New York. Taking a keen interest in art at a very early age, he was inspired to draw and paint the landscape of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York where he still maintains a summer residence. He had the opportunity to have very fine Art teachers in high school who also happen to be fine painters (George Benedict and Nick Todisco), and through their influence began to polish his painting style from an early age. After attending both Onondaga Community College and Syracuse University, He began private study in portrait and figure painting with an Austrian born portrait painter, Robert Hoffmann. This association lasted for over eleven years. He then began to travel and paint extensively around the country and eventually to Europe, focusing his attention on Italy. As time went on he continued study with other portrait painters such as Daniel Greene of New York and Jack Callahan of Rockport, feeling that the way to gain knowledge of painting was through portrait painters, which he could then apply to landscape painting to forge his own style. Frank still spends some time in coastal Massachusetts where he maintains a home and studio, Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes region and at his home in Southwest Florida, where he seems to be spending the majority of his time these days, along with various painting trips around the country and Europe. He has done two month long painting trips from Sicily to Tuscany. His many other interests include being a professional Blues and Old time musician , having released three CD’s with his band Roll and Tumble and a fourth Solo CD coming soon featuring guitar, slide guitar banjo and ukulele. He also builds his own guitars and banjos and has restored and maintains his award winning 1933 Plymouth coupe, along with constantly tinkering with his 2008 C6 ZO6 Corvette. His paintings are sought by collectors and hang in many private and corporate institutions around the world including the Ritz Carlton, Naples Florida,The Cloister, Geogia Sea Island and many others. Frank is represented by fine Galleries and dealers nationwide. Artist Collection | Biography

Jacob Collins Jacob Collins is a leading figure in the contemporary revival of classical painting. He earned a BA in history from Columbia College, attended the New York Studio School, the New York Academy of Art, and the Art Students League. As a student, Collins also copied extensively in museums in America and Europe. His work has been widely exhibited in North America and Europe and is included in several American museums. Collins is the founder of the Water Street Atelier, The Grand Central Academy of Art, and the Hudson River Fellowship. Artist Collection | Biography

Matthew Cornell  Artist Collection | Biography

Michael Graves is a nationally-recognized landscape artist based in central Massachusetts.  As a plein air artist, Graves paints on location, braving the elements, to capture the many moods and temperaments of the natural world.  Over a 30 year career, Graves has received over 70 awards and medals, been featured in a variety of books and publications, and inducted into numerous national art associations. Although Graves has taken painting trips throughout North America, and parts of Europe and Asia, his favorite subjects continue to be of the simple farms, bucolic vistas, and rugged coasts of his native New England.  His artwork is and has been exhibited in dozens of galleries throughout the U.S. and is included in the permanent collection of the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.  His paintings have also been selected eight times for inclusion in the national Arts for the Parks competition of the Top 100 Paintings of National Parks.   Born in 1952, the son of a local tree warden, Graves grew up with a love of painting and a deep appreciation for the outdoors.  In the late 1970s, Graves met the renowned Cape Ann artist Bernard Corey (1914-2000). Corey became a lifelong friend and mentor and the two painted together nearly every day for over two decades.  Michael Graves is a member of the Rockport Art Association, the Hudson Valley Art Association, and the Old Lyme Art Association.  He is a friend and frequent painting companion of some of the most well known plein air artists of New England. Artist Collection | Biography

Deborah Handy

Dianne Panarelli Miller Never one to take the easy way out, Dianne Panarelli Miller studied art for 10 years in college, private classes and ateliers and has painted tirelessly for 30 more years to develop her craft. Not wanting to paint like anyone else she worked hard to paint in her own voice from life and not photographs. Enduring long hours, bartending for 17 years and bringing up her daughter, Dianne still managed to paint full time. Her work proves that hard work with her versitile stunning and very real artwork. Dianne was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in the early 60's. After graduating Braintree High School, she received a diploma at Vesper George College of Art. There she met and later studied intensively with Robert Cormier until she began at the R. H. Ives Gammel Atelier established by Cormier and Robert Douglas Hunter in Gammel's honor. She studied the traditional way to paint, in the "Boston Tradition", full time year round for five years. David Lowery and Robert Moore were also included in the roster of impressive teachers. While studying at the Atelier and being surrounded by the art galleries of Newbury Street and museums of Boston, she discovered the type of artist she wanted to be and began her quest to be one. Dianne has received may awards locally and nationally in the thirty years she has been painting and is represented in many fine galleries as well as in hundreds of private collections. Recently, her oil painting "Blue" was accepted to a the National Endowment show in Naples Florida.  She is well known on the South Shore and is a signature member of the New England Plein Air Painters and has the distinguished honor to be awarded "Copley Master" at the Copley Society in Boston. She is also a member of the Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America. Artist Collection | Biography

Ken Knowles Ken Knowles has been painting outdoors in oils for 28 years. His success has afforded him a beautiful home and studio in the art colony of Rockport Massachusetts, where he grew up. Mr. Knowles studied with master Cape Ann painters T.M. Nicholas, John Terelak and Stapleton Kearns. A full member of several associations, Ken has an award winning reputation at a national level. His work is part of countless private collections in both the U.S. and abroad. Knowles is  fortunate to be painting what he loves for an appreciative audience, and continuing  a  tradition in American  impressionism. Artist Collection | Biography

Christopher Magadini  Magadini’s style could be called Contemporary Impressionism although the pastoral quality of his work recalls the naturalism of 19th Century American Landscape Painting. An incredible technician, Magadini is a skilled painter who has synthesized characteristics of these movements—and has even drawn from abstraction—to create his own style where the power of nature to stir the human spirit becomes paramount.
In all of his oils, Mr. Magadini takes full advantage of the medium’s wonderful qualities. No matter the size, 4”x 6” up to 30” by 40”, this work exhibits a rich painterly surface enhanced by masterful brushwork. His stated goal of “capturing the illusion of space and form while retaining a beautiful and interesting surface” is revealed in these paintings.
Magadini said, “For me, painting is not simply the replication of what the eye sees. It is the creation of an image that embodies my thoughts and feelings. These, I think, are fairly universal, and I seek to communicate and connect with viewers on that level.” Artist Collection | Biography

David Schock

Marilyn Swift Watercolor painter Marilyn Swift is an exhibiting artist member of The New England Watercolor Society, The Copley Society of Boston, Academic Artists Association of Springfield, American Artists Professional League, Hudson Valley Arts Association, Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, Rockport Art Association, and the North Shore Arts Association. Her work has won many awards and is found in private and corporate collections in the United States as well as in Europe. Most of Marilyn's inspiration comes from direct outdoor observation. In her painting she attempts to capture the essence of her subject, the captivating light, mood, or mystery -- like a passing glance that remains in memory, rather than laborious detail. Both the immediacy of watercolor as well as its illusive qualities combine to make watercolor Marilyn's preferred medium of expression. Yet, she also paints in oils and acrylics. To stimulate her visual awareness, Marilyn travels often, both in the USA and abroad. In June of 2011 she painted on Nantucket Island, invited to be 'artist in residence' at The Century House. In July of 2010, she participated in the Door County Peninsula Plein Air week, Door County Wisconsin, as an invited artist. In 2008, she painted while traveling with her husband in the Umbria region of Italy. In 2003, she painted in Provence, France; and in 2001 worked during a month-long artist residency in Brittany at La Vignette. She has also painted in England, Italy, Ireland, and South Africa.
Artist Collection | Biography

Evan Wilson Evan Wilson was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 1953. He showed interest in art at an early age when University of Alabama art professor and family friend Richard Brough provided him with painting materials and inspiration. In 1971, Wilson enrolled in the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts to complete high school. There he experimented with various styles of art. After high school, Wilson attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore where he met his lifelong mentor, Joseph Sheppard, an internationally known realist painter. Under Sheppard’s training, Wilson began his evolution as a realist painter. Artist Collection | Biography

Ralph Waterhouse After spending many years as a graphic designer Ralph decided to pursue his real love, painting the countryside and its wildlife. Painting became a full-time occupation in the early 70's when he moved to the English Lake District. Ralph lived there for many years and it has a special place in his heart, with its lakes, beautiful villages and mountains which evoke a feeling peace. Ralph's wildlife paintings led to International recognition and this included articles in leading magazines, a feature on BBC Television in England and One Man and Group Art Shows in England, West Germany and the USA.
In the late 1980's Ralph became inspired by the California Landscape and its beautiful light. He changed his focus from the very intimate environment of his Wildlife Paintings to a much broader vista encompassing the whole landscape.The late afternoon and early morning sunlight have a special quality which Ralph loves to capture on canvas. He spends as much time painting "en plein-air" as possible, but works on his larger canvases in his studio.
In the early 90's Ralph was asked by the British Consul in Los Angeles to present Margaret Thatcher with one of his paintings as a memory of her visit to California. Artist Collection | Biography

Christine Shea

Ronal Parlin

Paul Arsenault 

Renee Lammers Sometimes a simple vacation can change a person's life.  That is exactly what happened to me.  I had been living in  Florida for most of my life.  I had graduated from Stetson University after studying Fine Art and Premed Biology in 2004.  I had owned a flower business for 23 years.  I had always called myself a painter since I was four.  One day I decided to go to Monhegan Island, Maine for a ten day vacation! Artist Collection | Biography

Russ Kramer Today, Russ Kramer is widely regarded to be among the country's leading marine artists. His large-scale studio paintings create 'first-hand' experiences for the viewer, putting you right on board during some of history's greatest yacht races or turn-of-the-century luxury vessels. A sense of the dramatic moment, combined with meticulous research and attention to detail, have found considerable appeal and sell quickly into private and corporate collections. His works are unique and immediately recognizable, combining narrative, historical, figurative and maritime disciplines.
Russ has been the subject of a one-man show at the Museum of Yachting in Newport, Rhode Island, appeared in WoodenBoat, Yachting, and Sail magazines, and will be prominently represented in the forthcoming volumes, Art and Artifacts of The America's Cup by Hyland-Granby. He is a Fellow and serves as the current President of the American Society of Marine Artists. Artist Collection | Biography

Sylvia Maynard

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