28 February 2013

Nantucket visitors

Once in a while we get some unforgettable visitors. As difficult as it sometimes can be to get to Nantucket, they make it. They accompany those who love them and they stick by them through all life's turns. We welcome them. For free.

Here's one of those guests we just had to photograph and show off. Yes. Be amazed!

21 February 2013

Nantucket in February Love

The sky is majestic in Nantucket. In February this still stands true here. Feast your eyes on the natural beauty which makes this vacation place so unique. Don't forget to Discover the sky while you're here be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Discover the Freedoms of Nantucket. Capture these moments and enjoy them. Enjoy some eye candy and hope you're having a great winter. We hope you like our photos. Cheers from our beautiful island and from the oldest continuously operating guesthouse on Nantucket, Century House.

Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island, MA

15 February 2013

Nantucket in Louisville Magazine - A Honeymoon Destination

Louisville Magazine
Nantucket a honeymoon destination? Yes according to Louisville Bride Magazine. In Spring/Summer Issue in the article "From Here to Where - Honeymoon Destinations" it writes about Peru and Nantucket.

"Even if you've never visited the Massachusetts island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, you know it: cobblestone roads, secluded beaches, wind-worn gray houses, old money, lighthouses, salmon-red pants, and clam chowder as thick as the locals' accents...Sometimes travel is best if there are no decisions more thought - provoking to make then ordering the cod  or the scallops."

Of course each season Nantucket is charming but according to them "...A September visit, though, is timed perfectly: The island is quieter, but most restaurants haven't yet closed for the season and the water is still warm..." We agree. Here's what they say about places to shop:

'Where to Shop 
Head straight off the wharf up main Street to Murray's Toggery Shop and drape yourself in Nantucket Reds. Later browse Centre Street's boutiques..."

We are so excited to be included  in the article:

Where to Stay
Century House...island's oldest continuously operating guesthouse,  recently renovated.. and is jut a couple of blocks from town...."  Century House welcomes honeymoon couples looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, stress free. The sparkling beaches are so perfect to explore. Biking is a great activity. And many other. Many couples return years later, or each year in the same room, the same month, building great traditions and memories.

Just ask us. Call our bed and breakfast at 508.228.0530. Visit our inn at http://www.centuryhouse.com for more info on rooms.

07 February 2013

Nantucket Winter Days

It's not even Friday and we have had a very eventful week.

Sadly there was a fire at the Nantucket Community Music Center at 56 Centre St. Firefighters were hard at work. Thankful no one was hurt. You can read more in the newspaper or online at ack.net.

Also India Street is getting a facelift in time for Season.

01 February 2013

Summer vs. Winter on Nantucket

We love Nantucket, regardless of the time: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Century House blooms in summertime, however preserves the Nantucket charm in the winter. Looking forward to Spring Summer Fall Season 2013!

Century House Nantucket in the Summer

Century House Nantucket in the Winter