30 July 2013

Fog happens in July on Nantucket

Fog happens, it's Nantucket, even if it is in July. This picture of last evening does not do it justice. It was one of the most peaceful scenes of Nantucket.  What a Wow moment. Enjoy! You can see in this post another scene of this beach, totally different.
Foggy evening in July

Fog happens on Nantucket, in July,
Children's Beach, Nantucket Island

Children's beach is located within a five minute walk from Century House bed and breakfast. Come discover the island we know and love!

29 July 2013

Engagements, Elopements, Anniversary, Honeymoon on Nantucket

Engagements, Elopements, Honeymoon, Anniversaries and yes even Weddings.  All of these happen around here, sometimes as a surprise, and sometimes planned. In this case we congratulate our guests, who got engaged this month.  Here's the proof:

Looking forward to seeing you here for your honeymoon, and anniversaries on Nantucket. Why? Because Nantucket is one of the best places in the world. 

Last month we had a wonderful couple come back for their 28th wedding anniversary! They honeymooned at the Century House way back and finally decided to return. 28 yrs. later!  Wow!

We also had a one year anniversary, after getting engaged at Century House last year. We also had an elopement! How cool is that!  You know who you are! Congrats and see you again soon!

Happy engagement, elopement, anniversary Nantucket lovers from all of us!

Otilia  et al
Century House

25 July 2013

A Nantucket Beach

I often post photos on our facebook page or on twitter.  So please connect if you love us, and our photos from around the island. This I just had to share, totally original snapshot, no retouches. Can we say Wow!

Beach Nantucket
Please feel free to visit our website at www.centuryhouse.com or call us at 508.228.0530 if you would like to learn more about vacationing with us on Nantucket. Location is everything. This beach is located within walking distance to Century House.

Sincerely, Otilia

16 July 2013

Discover Nantucket Island

We talk about discovering the beauty of Nantucket Island, the natural wild beauty.  Feast your eyes and rest your soul. Go on Nantucket lovers, explore!  Here are some glimpses of this magical place.

15 July 2013

Glimpses of a Nantucket Summer

Surfside Beach, Nantucket

Surfside Beach, Nantucket

Children's Beach, Nantucket Island

13 July 2013

Beach path happiness

Beach path, Nantucket

If you haven't yet experienced Nantucket Island, do. Come and rejuvenate yourself. The beaches are unforgettable.  Check out our rooms and rates at http://www.centuryhouse.com

01 July 2013

Scene on Nantucket

Coming and goings. Beach destinations, town strollings, sunshine rays, and the Nantucket breezes. Here is a scene from D. Handy from way back in 1993 as seen in this watercolor of Century House. Not much has changed on Nantucket. The breezes are still the same, the sun is still shining, the people are still beaching and strolling. Happy Summer from Century House bed and breakfast.