12 December 2013

Nantucket Merry Merry

Nantucket Merry Merry

Nantucket Main Street

03 December 2013

Nantucket Island in December

While you're thinking of Christmas time, gift giving, and all the fa' la' la' that goes with it we want to bring you a little charm. Check out Nantucket in December.  Plan on giving Nantucket to someone? Gift certificates are the perfect present to those who have everything else.  Give a bed and breakfast gift certificate to our historic bed and breakfast Century House, and make some great memories.  What else can you gift somebody that has everything?  See more info on our Nantucket gift certificates!


Classic Nantucket day

Century House, Nantucket Island
Classic Nantucket

Main Street Nantucket

26 November 2013

A Nantucket November

Nantucket Main Street


Nantucket Main Street

Nantucket Main Street

Nantucket Main Street



Nantucket, the Hub

21 October 2013

One Nantucket Pumpkin

Pumpkin life on Nantucket #followthepumpkin

Pumpkin anyone?

One big happy Pumpkin

16 October 2013

Family love

From Nantucket with Love, Century House in the Fall
At this time Century House is in the process of preparing for winter hibernation. We look forward to having you stay with us Season 2014!  Please email reservations@centuryhouse.com or call for more information about early reservations on Nantucket.  We look forward to seeing you next year.

Happy Fall to Each one of You!

Century House Staff and the Pumpkin Family

11 October 2013

Evening glow on Nantucket

#followthepumpkin  #familylove
Love evening time on Nantucket, but most especially when the sun goes down, emitting a glow that just takes your breath away. Our pumpkin family continues to welcome you this weekend for the Cranberry Festival!

09 October 2013

Glimpses of Fall on Nantucket

Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island, MA

Century House, Nantucket

Signs of Fall on Nantucket and at Century House! 

08 October 2013

The Pumpkin Family

The Pumpkin Family #followthepumpkin

04 October 2013

Daily events #followthepumpkin

Great place to look for daily events is the newspapers, Yesterday's Island, Today's Nantucket is a great resource for all the great events that are happening. You can find these anywhere, and of course at our inn.  The events are listed daily.

daily events in newspaper

pick up at Century House for daily events

Nantucket Cranberry Festival 2013

Cranberry Festival takes place each year in October to celebrate, what else, but the delicious cranberries!  Free admission!  "Come out to the Festival grounds and watch the berries being harvested, learn about the history of cranberry farming on Nantucket, participate in the family activities or just kick back and enjoy the music and the spectacular autumn scenery of one of the most unique and beautiful places on our Island.  Don’t forget to bring home a pound, or two, of Nantucket Cranberries for the Holidays!"nantucketconservation.org  

There are two cranberry bogs on Nantucket.  The Milestone Cranberry Bog and The Windswept Cranberry Bog.  You can see the process of harvesting the delicious red berry only in the Fall.  Cranberry Festival

For rooms and availability visit centuryhouse.com or call 508.228.0530

03 October 2013

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Who doesn't love tea?

Black Orchid Room, Century House

Books to read

Winter escape?

02 October 2013

When Century House Innkeepers learned a few weeks ago that one of their guests was a great admirer of Nantucketer, Manny Dias and his unique Lightship Baskets, we urged them to invite Manny to the inn’s “Gerry Berry Buffet Breakfast”. The guests were vacationing on Island with the intention of selecting another of his baskets to add to their extensive collection of his work. Little did they know what fans Century House Innkeepers are of Manny and his humanitarian goodness to so many on the Island… including Century House. In the early days of Gerry & JeanE’s innkeeping, Manny- whose artistic creativity extends beyond basket weaving which started as a hobby in the 1970′s – did all the brick laying of the inn’s patios and let the inn pay off the debt “on the installment plan” over several months/years!! We never missed a payment, and he never charged us interest!! At 89 years of age, he remains a dear friend for the last 30 years. His favorite item on the buffet, the scones!! 

Highlighting a Nantucketer and Special Friend of Century House – Manny Dias century house

Kitchen at Century House #followthepumpkin

Nantucket Restaurant Week continues

Fall restaurant week on Nantucket continues this week ending October 6. For those of you interested in last minute specials and availability this is a great opportunity to enjoy fine dining on Nantucket.  Visit restaurantweek.com for more info. For reservations at Century House, a classic Nantucket bed and breakfast please call 508.228.0530 or email reservations@centuryhouse.com  #followthepumpkin


01 October 2013

To October with Love

Nantucket in October is magical.  The pumpkin family welcomes you to October!

30 September 2013

Monday #followthepumpkin

Nantucket Atheneum

Century House Breakfast

Patio area, with a little treat from The Hub

Ferry Schedules anyone


Guest love notes at Century House

27 September 2013

Friday #followthepumpkin

Sunshine at Century House

Mitchell's Book Corner Nantucket

Good spot

Old house

Haberdashery Nantucket

Nantucket Chocolatier

Visitor's Bureau