20 January 2012

Your Nantucket Vacation and Travel Suggestions

Did you know that we, at Century House assist you with suggestion for your Nantucket vacation planning? This Nantucket bed and breakfast boutique hotel has been on Nantucket since 1833. As Nantucket-eeers we can give you some great suggestions for your romantic stay, best activities, your elopement, anniversary getaway, best restaurants, sightseeing, sunset locations and many many more..

Yes, we live here. We are on Nantucket and we care that you have the experience of your life! We have formed great relationships on Nantucket over many year, because well, that's how Nantucket is. Here are some questions we get asked:

Where can you find the best lobster roll?
We love history, can you tell us some places we should see?
What activities are there on Nantucket?
Can we rent bicycles and where?
Is there a beach nearby?
What bike path should I go on?
What should I wear?
What shoes should I bring?
Can we go sailing?
Where do we buy those red pants?

These are tried and true suggestions. Of course, we hope those will only enhance your memory of Nantucket. You are free to explore this gorgeous and unique island and see for yourself. Come discover the Freedoms of Nantucket. We have availability and room accommodations.

What do penguins have to do with Nantucket, or this post, or vacation planning. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just thought they were cute.



Duinsure said...
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Ashton Jones said...

I awlays use a Nantucket rental when I vacation.