25 January 2012

Nantucket in "Best Honeymoon Destinations" by US News

Nantucket Island was ranked #15 in the top and "Best Honeymoon Destinations In the US" by US NEWS & WORLD REPORT {travel.usnews.com}

"...Nantucket features a charming, refined atmosphere that complements honeymooners' needs. Couples can start their marriage off with lazy bike rides and days on the beach. And for a true taste of Nantucket, consider working together to catch your own seafood dinner..." US News

What a great honor that Nantucket was chosen among the best. It is always nice to be recognized. Lazy bike rides...true, true, true. What better way to enjoy and discover nature. Days on the beach... who doesn't love those? "Charming, refined atmosphere"... you can never get enough, we promise!

Among those, there's the famous Nantucket breezes, the sparkling beaches, the aromatic Nantucket roses, the history, the quaint little cobblestone streets, the starry night sky and I could go on and on.

Come discover for yourself!

This is the honeymoon destination that you can enjoy quietly, privately, and your way! And five, ten, twenty, twenty-five, fifty years later you will return again, enjoying Nantucket just like the first time.

We offer room accommodations to honeymooners. Please check out our Century House website for photos and information, or just give us a call. We're here, and we'd be glad to help.


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