25 January 2012

Nantucket in "Best Honeymoon Destinations" by US News

Nantucket Island was ranked #15 in the top and "Best Honeymoon Destinations In the US" by US NEWS & WORLD REPORT {travel.usnews.com}

"...Nantucket features a charming, refined atmosphere that complements honeymooners' needs. Couples can start their marriage off with lazy bike rides and days on the beach. And for a true taste of Nantucket, consider working together to catch your own seafood dinner..." US News

What a great honor that Nantucket was chosen among the best. It is always nice to be recognized. Lazy bike rides...true, true, true. What better way to enjoy and discover nature. Days on the beach... who doesn't love those? "Charming, refined atmosphere"... you can never get enough, we promise!

Among those, there's the famous Nantucket breezes, the sparkling beaches, the aromatic Nantucket roses, the history, the quaint little cobblestone streets, the starry night sky and I could go on and on.

Come discover for yourself!

This is the honeymoon destination that you can enjoy quietly, privately, and your way! And five, ten, twenty, twenty-five, fifty years later you will return again, enjoying Nantucket just like the first time.

We offer room accommodations to honeymooners. Please check out our Century House website for photos and information, or just give us a call. We're here, and we'd be glad to help.

23 January 2012

Vintage - Nantucket's Century House in the Snow

Vintage Century House Photo

To celebrated a weekend of snow on Nantucket I thought I'd pull out some vintage photos of snow at the Century House a Nantucket Bed and Breakfast on Cliff Road. So charming, isn't it?

Below you will find some photos of the amazing snow we had!  Loved the charm of this island!

Downtown Nantucket
Winter White
Quaint Little Hidden Street Nantucket
Main Street Charm
Upper Main Street Charm
Lovely Blue Door
Upper Main Street Nantucket

20 January 2012

Your Nantucket Vacation and Travel Suggestions

Did you know that we, at Century House assist you with suggestion for your Nantucket vacation planning? This Nantucket bed and breakfast boutique hotel has been on Nantucket since 1833. As Nantucket-eeers we can give you some great suggestions for your romantic stay, best activities, your elopement, anniversary getaway, best restaurants, sightseeing, sunset locations and many many more..

Yes, we live here. We are on Nantucket and we care that you have the experience of your life! We have formed great relationships on Nantucket over many year, because well, that's how Nantucket is. Here are some questions we get asked:

Where can you find the best lobster roll?
We love history, can you tell us some places we should see?
What activities are there on Nantucket?
Can we rent bicycles and where?
Is there a beach nearby?
What bike path should I go on?
What should I wear?
What shoes should I bring?
Can we go sailing?
Where do we buy those red pants?

These are tried and true suggestions. Of course, we hope those will only enhance your memory of Nantucket. You are free to explore this gorgeous and unique island and see for yourself. Come discover the Freedoms of Nantucket. We have availability and room accommodations.

What do penguins have to do with Nantucket, or this post, or vacation planning. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just thought they were cute.


19 January 2012

Snow flurries at Century House, Nantucket

Today I looked outside the window at Century House and I could see sun rays and oh my snow flurries! Yes. It was so charming, I had to grab my camera and voila! Here is a tiny video of a beautiful January day. Stay tuned for photos, I'm sure, many more like me grabbed their camera to record those moments.

If you are thinking of your vacation on Nantucket check out our bed and breakfast for Season 2012 or call us at 508.228.0530.

Cheers to All!

13 January 2012

Where in the United States is Nantucket?

Nantucket Island and Century House Location

I decided to test the Iphone. Here is a fun capture of Nantucket and Century House location.  It seems so reachable doesn't it? It is. It is also thirty miles out to sea from the coast of Massachusetts. You can get here by boat or by plane, that is if the weather allows it.  Nantucket is unpredictable, and fascinating at the same time.  The destination is one of the most sought after in the world. Weddings, elopements, anniversaries, and all kinds of celebrations happen here. 

I love quotes about Nantucket. One of my favorite is found in the film "Nantucket"  by Ric Burns. You can see it on youtube. I can't ever get enough of this film! You must, must, must see it.  It represents the Nantucket we adore so much: 

"Nantucket is an island...and it is absolutely defined by the sea... you feel the past, you feel a present... they reinvented themselves resort and art colony... a place to come and restore yourself, restore your spirits...it's a place where you can experiment, fail, and try again. You can create yourself, and you can recreate yourself here... Nantucket has always lived on borrowed time, it was created by the sea..."

quote in the film "Nantucket" by Ric Burns

Nantucket Rainy Day

There is always an element of surprise when you are on Nantucket. As dark, rainy and grayish it was, this was just beautiful!  

11 January 2012

Nantucket Blue!

Many of you are planning your Nantucket vacation for the Spring, Summer, or Fall. Plan away, and don't forget why Nantucket is a place where you can come and restore you spirits!  

As you are thinking of it, I wanted to remind you of the uniqueness of this island. The colors are always so vibrant, and the light seems to be dancing.  I wanted to capture this amazing view yesterday and share it, since it was so much closeness to perfection!  

The air was crisp. The colors were a vibrant blue, one that no camera would do it justice.  It is beautiful, serene, and so incredibly unforgettable.  I will come back to this view, on a day that the grey and fog sets in. 

This is January, and that's what it looked like. 

If you are looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, come stay. We offer  beautiful room accommodations at our bed and breakfast. Century House is the oldest continuously operating guesthouse on Nantucket Island, and as forbes.com once put it "Top Five Eastern US Summer Inn Destinations."