14 December 2012

Nantucket Christmas time photos

Santa Strolling on Nantucket

Leaves and Christmas Trees, Nantucket

Nighttime, Charming Nantucket

Nantucket and Christmas decor

Nantucket Christmas Stroll

Nantucket Christmas Celebration

Nantucket Main St, Christmas

Nantucket Charm, Winter

Nantucket Christmas Celebration

19 November 2012

A Nantucket November

I took these shots of our charming island in November. The weather is excellent. You may wonder why there's no one around. Oh there are people around, I just like to photograph the island itself. :) Happy Monday! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah are the holidays coming upon us faster than we can think. So if you are thinking of that perfect gift how about giving Nantucket? What better surprise. Make memories that last a lifetime. Give Nantucket!

Give Nantucket!

Nantucket, MA

Nantucket, MA

Nantucket, MA

15 November 2012

Orange is in on Nantucket

On a greyish island orange stands out. There are other colors around of course but lately pumpkins fascinate me. So here's a couple shots. Hope you like them! Cheers from Nantucket! Don't forget, gift certificates are now available. Call 508.228.0530. Reservations are also coming in for 2013. Make your plans.

cheery, right?


welcoming, I'd say




12 November 2012

Nantucket colors

This tree is gorgeous by Century House. Nantucket has the most gorgeous colors year round.

18 October 2012

Sunny perfect October on Nantucket

Enjoying Nantucket Island days like this. Cheers!

15 October 2012

Perfect Gift - a Nantucket Bed and Breakfast Stay

Gift certificates for a Nantucket stay at our bed and breakfast are now available for purchase. You can gift one, two, three nights or any amounts applicable towards a stay.  Gift certificates are perfect as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, honeymoon gifts, graduation gifts, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday gifts, holidays, (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, etc.) or simply just because. Visit http://www.centuryhouse.com or call 508.228.0530.

Nantucket is perfect for a vacation destination anytime.  It's the perfect surprise gift for anyone. Go ahead, call us and we'd be more than happy to assist you with the purchasing of a gift certificate.

Gift Certificate, Century House Nantucket Island

11 October 2012

The Day After...

Ever wonder what we do when we are not housing our guests? Here's an example.

08 October 2012

Good night Nantucket

From the beautiful Nantucket streets we say good night.