12 September 2011

Nantucket Cranberry Festival, Saturday October 8, 2011

Nantucket Cranberry Festival 2011 will take place Saturday, October 8, 11 am - 4 pm, at the Milestone Cranberry Bog. Come and enjoy the Nantucket festivities celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Learn about harvesting cranberries and its history. You can actually watch the cranberries being harvested and have a taste of the island's crop at lunch or snack time. There is a self guided twenty minute tour that you can enjoy.  Guides will be present to answer questions. Heavy machinery will also be present to harvest the cranberry crops. 

Sheep-shearing, hay rides, wool spinning and weaving demonstrations, sack races, face painting, are also some of the events of the day.

Read below from the  Nantucket Conservation website:

Cranberry Farming on Nantucket

Cranberries have been grown on Nantucket since 1857 and were an important part of the Island's economy until just prior to World War II.  Visitors, summer residents, and even long time islanders are often surprised when they learn that the Foundation's Milestone Bog is one of the oldest, continually operated farms on the Island. There are currently 193 acres under cultivation at the Milestone Bog with an additional 25 acres in production at the Windswept Bog on the Polpis Road. The Windswept Bog is also notable because of its status as one of the few certified organic cranberry bogs in the country. Together, the Foundation's cranberry bogs produce nearly 2 million pounds of cranberries a year! (www.nantucketconservation.org)

Photo and info source: www.nantucketconservation.org

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