28 April 2011

Nantucket is spectacular and foggy beautiful

Well, words escape me. There are days that the island seems haunting, beautiful, mysterious, exciting. Then the sun comes out and everything looks different. This is Nantucket! I love sharing photos taken reflect the true beauty of this unforgetable place. I am not a professional photographer, but my humble camera captures perfection.

Upon your visit to Nantucket, I encourage you to discover the hidden beauty of this island. Capture it in moments and build memories. The small charming cobblestone streets, the details of these old fashioned restored whaling captains' homes (yes! did you know most of the homes have sort of quaint names?), the waves crashing at Madaket, the magenta colored roses and all the other fragrant flowers blooming, the fog rolling in on a super early morning, Yes, shopping is exciting downtown, and sunning on the beach is relaxing, but walking around and discovering bits and pieces is so thrilling. You don't have to be an artist to admire and capture Nantucket.

Here is to discovering the awe inspiring beauty of this island thirty miles out to sea.

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Beachside Cottage said...

Hi there! I live in South Florida now, but lived in Massachusetts, so still miss/enjoy those New England coastal towns! I'm a new follower of your blog, and I'm loving all the photos of Nantucket! Love your inn, too!

Best Wishes,

Linda Lan

simpledaisy said...

Even with the fog...it's still completely beautiful:)
ps...i'm having a little give-away on my blog! Stop on over if you have a minute:)