28 March 2011

Nantucket fog

Untitled by justapaperbag
Untitled a photo by justapaperbag on Flickr.

Here's what the flickr user 'justapaperbag' says: "I know I am very lucky to be spending the summer in a place where the temps. have not risen above 85 all summer, while my brethren in NY simmer. However, I have seen exactly one sunrise in two months due to the incredible amount of fog this summer. All that humid air just cools down out here and drenches us in fog. This is my neighbors house a few yards away."

How true of Nantucket! I love the fog early on a summer morning. It is unlike anything you experience, because suddenly the sun starts to come out signaling a beautiful day. I remember strolling down a historic cobblestone path during a foggy day; it seemed old, haunted as if I was in another world.

This island, Nantucket, is another world. It is located thirty miles out to sea, where everything just sort of stops. Everything seems slower paced, less stressful, more free. Nantucket awaits those who treasure those things and are willing to fight for them. Yes there will always be those who come in, who attempt to bring their world; but for the most part Nantucket will always remain serene, modest, unpretentious, and most of all formidable in its intrigue!

Nantucket among other things is also called "The Grey Lady" "due to the almost regular fog," (wikipedia.com)

{photo by flickr user justapaperbag }

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regina wRites said...

i am in looooove with this photograph! i can't wait to shoot the fog!