01 March 2011

Nantucket "wash-a-shore" and Avenue Q Star Makes the Front Page of New York Times

Yes! We love art and artists. So it was very exciting to read the New York Times and the article 'In Twist, Off Broadway Looms Larger for Hits' by Patrick Healy about the off broadway show 'Avenue Q'. The star, Anika Larsen, pictured on the front page of New York Times, is a dear friend of the Century House Nantucket Innkeepers who have known her since her singing/acting career started when she was 3 years old, producing entertainment shows at her family's annual Christmas Party. She is most of all, you guessed it, Nantucket lover, as well. Below you can see her with Innkeeper Gerry and again with guests who immediately recognized her.

Someday will tell you what a Nantucket wash-a-shore is.


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Chuck said...

Here's a great story on the island of Nantucket I came across: Nantucket, MA Romantic Getaway