28 November 2011

Nantucket and Century House in the Winter

Century House on The Gray Lady

Holiday and Christmas Spirit in the Winter

10 Cliff Road, Nantucket, MA


Patio and Wrap-Around Veranda at Century House

25 November 2011

Nantucket gets ready for Christmas Stroll

Here is a little Holiday Christmas spirit, Nantucket Style! We open in May, so get ready if Nantucket is on your mind.  Wishing you a Merry Happy Holiday Season!

11 November 2011

Nantucket In Conde Nast Traveler's Top 10 Islands in the United States

Nantucket In Conde Nast Traveler's Top 10 Islands in the United States

Nantucket Island was recently voted as the Top 10 Islands in the United States by prestigious Conde Nast Traveler. You can view all ten on the Conde Nast Traveler website. Nantucket Island scored highest in Scenery, friendliness, ambiance and beaches .

True, true, true.

It's so easy to see why.

The scenery is breathtaking.  The summer breezes, the cobblestone streets, the magenta colored roses, the historic whaling homes, the white picket fences and  quaint little paths that you can discover over and over again. The list just goes on an on. If you've been here you know this! If you haven't, you should! Just check out our facebook page once in a while for update amazing photos. I tend to feature quite a few. In the words of the innkeepers Nantucket ..."Everyone is touched in some way being by the sea... . Nantucket is "just like a lover--so familiar and comforting...so wild and unpredictable"

Almost fifty percent of the island is under preservation. The wild nature, the flora, the fauna.  Bike paths The friendliness of the people of Nantucket is also well know. When you are here you feel as if you belong.  Although private, it is welcoming and unintrusive. You can be whomever you wish to be without any strings attached. The people serve you with a smile and are always there to help you. People also remember you if you continue to come. It's a small little intimate island. Once you're here, you'll always want to be here.

The sparkling Nantucket beaches that go on and on and on! There are days it seems you can have the entire beach all to yourself. Come where the blue skies meet the blue ocean!

For a quiet getaway place to stay visit our website here http://www.centuryhouse.com .

Have a great day all!

10 November 2011

Beautiful rainbow on Nantucket

I dont think I've seen a rainbow before on Nantucket. I thought I'd share. Cheers everyone!

24 October 2011

Nantucket Gift Certificates

A Nantucket Gift Certificate to Century House
It's almost time for gift giving, gift receiving...gifts, gifts, gifts! If you are looking for the perfect gift, a Nantucket getaway would be ideal for anyone who loves Nantucket Island. Please see our bed and breakfast!

So for those who have everything give them Nantucket!

Give the gift of love this Holiday Season: Thanksgiving, Christmas. Gift Certificates are also available for wedding gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation or any special event in your life. The Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Valentine's or a Holiday Celebration on Nantucket Island is the memory of a lifetime. Nantucket is like no other...Come discover its beauty, its hidden treasures and take back its secrets. The holiday season is upon us. Make the holidays special. Make Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving special!!!

Our Nantucket Gift Certificates are available for purchase either by dollar amount or by stay at our bed and breakfast, Century House. Century House was chosen as Best Bed and Breakfast on Nantucket in 2011 by the Cape Cod Life Magazine Best of the Cape & Islands readers. Please call 508.228.0530 for more information or email centurybnb@aol.com  You may visit our facebook page at facebook.com/CenturyHouseNantucketIsland or follow us on twitter @chnantucket

Cheers to all!


21 October 2011

Century House in the Off Season

The Off Season on Nantucket commences sometime in mid-September. Century House closes mid-October. It was time to say good bye to the 2011 Season, so I took a couple photos. Here is Century House preparing for the Winter time. See you 2012!


from the wrap-around veranda to the patio

roses still bloom

wrap-around veranda closed for the Season

wrap-around veranda, closed for the Season

patio while inn is closed

26 September 2011

Nantucket Magical Evening

Couldn't help but share what I'm seeing!


Nantucket Night

Just Back From: Nantucket

Just Back From: Nantucket

Wanted to share this...read it; written by Jetsetter. It's a lovely article on Nantucket Island

22 September 2011

Nantucket is bewitching slightly off season | | projo.com | The Providence Journal | Travel

Nantucket is bewitching slightly off season | | projo.com | The Providence Journal | Travel

NANTUCKET, MA- Nantucketers say the fall is the ideal time for a visit. This 14-mile long by three-mile wide island, familiarly known as the Little Grey Lady in the Sea, is quieter then than in summer, of course, and the climate is still pleasant — in the mid-60s in September, high 50s in October. The September water is warm enough for swimming and surfing and the sweeping beaches of Madaket and Cisco and Surfside are largely empty. Madaket is perfect then for long walks and bird-watching. At Eel Point, the beach-combing is inviting. Read more...

Nantucket Pumpkins, Fall Adventures and Great Rates

Ever wonder about Nantucket in the Fall?  Gorgeous weather most always!

Sunshine is still present. The autumn air permeates the sky, pumpkins begin to show their faces welcoming the season, and leaves dominate the sidewalks and the streets. 'Tis the time to go on a biking adventure perhaps to Madaket; on the way you might hear birds chirping. Or head out to Folger's Marsh, the Bluff & Freshwater Pond Area, belonging to the Nantucket Field Station natural communities. The Folger's Marsh is a salt marsh that is located between Polpis Road and Nantucket Harbor. Check out more info on this at nantucketconservation.org 

Don't forget the Fall events such as the Nantucket Maritime Festival is October 1, 2011 and the Nantucket Cranberry Festival is October 8. Wherever you go, you will definitely enjoy this time of the year.

The rates also fall at this time of the year. Check them out on our bed and breakfast site http://www.centuryhouse.com

10 cliff road welcomes Fall with pumpkins

pumpkins on stairs

century house pumpkins

rose proudly dominates the scene on Nantucket

21 September 2011

Comfort food to welcome Fall

Candy is ever present at Century House, because we believe in comfort, well, comfort food that is.  Guests have not complained yet. Here is a little bit of treat.

16 September 2011

A little bit of something for everyone

they say, location, location, location. well, we got that: century house bed and breakfast is near the beaches, historic town, art galleries, shopping, museums, historic sites, restaurants. and then there is a little bit of something for everyone here at century house: art, books, cookies, snacks, tea, coffee, soft drinks, movies, breakfast, veranda, patio, flowers, gardens, fresh air, beach bag, beach towels, sunshine...for more check out our amenities on our website. to read about the breakfast please also go to our website.


14 September 2011

"Nantucket" A Film by Ric Burns

I had the chance to see the movie released this summer named "Nantucket" and I was blown away. Nantucket Historical Association unveiled the film this summer with a show at Children's Beach.

The display of Nantucket's natural beauty, it's history, and the little known treasures are emphasized in this film. This was produced by the Emmy-award winning and filmmaker Ric Burns. You can now watch the 51 minute film at the Whaling Museum. Several guests have raved about it.

So go see it!


12 September 2011

Nantucket Cranberry Festival, Saturday October 8, 2011

Nantucket Cranberry Festival 2011 will take place Saturday, October 8, 11 am - 4 pm, at the Milestone Cranberry Bog. Come and enjoy the Nantucket festivities celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Learn about harvesting cranberries and its history. You can actually watch the cranberries being harvested and have a taste of the island's crop at lunch or snack time. There is a self guided twenty minute tour that you can enjoy.  Guides will be present to answer questions. Heavy machinery will also be present to harvest the cranberry crops. 

Sheep-shearing, hay rides, wool spinning and weaving demonstrations, sack races, face painting, are also some of the events of the day.

Read below from the  Nantucket Conservation website:

Cranberry Farming on Nantucket

Cranberries have been grown on Nantucket since 1857 and were an important part of the Island's economy until just prior to World War II.  Visitors, summer residents, and even long time islanders are often surprised when they learn that the Foundation's Milestone Bog is one of the oldest, continually operated farms on the Island. There are currently 193 acres under cultivation at the Milestone Bog with an additional 25 acres in production at the Windswept Bog on the Polpis Road. The Windswept Bog is also notable because of its status as one of the few certified organic cranberry bogs in the country. Together, the Foundation's cranberry bogs produce nearly 2 million pounds of cranberries a year! (www.nantucketconservation.org)

Photo and info source: www.nantucketconservation.org

We will never forget...

Yesterday it was ten years since 9/11, a day that could never be forgotten.Our hearts go out to the families. Thank you to all who sacrificed.

10 September 2011

September Weddings on Nantucket

The month of September is one of the most popular month on Nantucket for weddings and elopements. Today there are 37 weddings on Nantucket it's been said. This tiny island is one of the most unforgettable places in the world. Such special events are celebrated on Nantucket in June as well.

Century House also hosts weddings. Privately. Intimately. And One at A time. Visit www.centuryhouse.com.

Wedding photo 1 St Mary's Church
Wedding photo 2 Congregational Church


This happens only once and that's bloggable. Cheers from Nantucket! Here is a picture from yesterday.

Nantucket Day

Have a beautiful weekend!

09 September 2011

The Nantucket Project

The Nantucket Project

The Nantucket Project website describes it as “an idea whose time has come.”

“The Nantucket Project is an idea whose time has come…The Nantucket Project will showcase ideas that help us or have made us re-think through the exploration of change -- how change informs our world, the consequences of successfully forcing or anticipating it, the peril of constancy and how leading thinkers and influencers across disciplines have experienced it. The re-invention of Nantucket is analogous to the current set of challenges and opportunities facing America and our world." www.nantucketproject.com

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago mayor, and former White House chief of staff; Julie Taymor, Broadway director; Lawrence Summers, former White House treasury secretary and Harvard professor; Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO; Bob Wright, former NBC Universal chairman are on the list of more than twenty presenters. It will be held nearby at the White Elephant Hotel.  

(Quotes, text, and information below, The Inquirer and Mirror, Thursday, September 1, 2011);

According to The Inquirer and Mirror, The Nantucket Project, was launched by Plum TV and the founder of Nantucket Nectars, Tom Scott.  The "Ideas Conference" will take place September 30 – October 2, 2011.   The "attendance is limited to 350 participants, and the cost starts at $3200, plus accommodations."

”The theme of the inaugural Nantucket Project which will be held at the White Elephant Hotel is “Re-Think,” a three day event is intended to serve as an incubator for creative thought, and will focus on the creation of an idea, rather than the follow-through, Scott said…”

“Topics will span from economics and medical science to sustainability and globalism”

It’s also the intimacy of the gathering, and Nantucket’s a big draw, and the time of year. Everything is coming together in a good way,” he said.

“Nantucket is the perfect place to bring these people together in a setting similar to the much larger Aspen Institute – the international nonprofit aimed at fostering enlightened and ideals-based leadership that has grown into a year-round endeavor – but in a more intimate setting, said Scott…”

“The Project is partnering with Big Think, an online “global-knowledge forum,” to coordinate the inaugural conference.”  The goal is to have Nantucket become almost like a campus in the off-season, to share some of the great thought-leaders on the island with a permanent presence.’ Brosnan said…”

Check out the Nantucket Project on Facebook.  For a list of presenters visit the Nantucket Project website.  

Century House bed and breakfast has accommodations during those dates. Century House is located at 10 Cliff Road, Nantucket MA, a five minute walking distance to White Elephant Hotel.

01 September 2011

Oh, Hello September!

This Summer has gone by fast, hasn't it? Welcome first day of September, a beautiful one I might add. On Nantucket we all prepare for fall in different ways, starting out with flowers.   Here is a picture I took today in one of our beautiful gardens:

Also Nantucket has a couple Fall special events coming up:

Nantucket Annual Island Fair, September 11 - 12, 2011

Nantucket Arts Festival

Nantucket Fall Restaurant Week, September 26 - October 2, 2011

Nantucket Historical Association Harvest Fair, October 1, 2011

Egan Maritime Festival, October 1, 2011 508-228-2505

Nantucket Cranberry Festival, October 8, 2011

Nantucket Chowder Festival, October 14, 2011

Nantucket Historical Association's Festival of Wreaths, November 23 - 27, 2011

Annual Tree Lighting & Community Caroling, November 25, 2011

Nantucket Historical Association's Festival of Trees, December 2 - 19, 26 -27, 2011

Cheers to all!

Nantucket Fall Restaurant Week 2011

Nantucket Fall Restaurant Week is September 26 - October 2, 2011.  This is a fantastic time to come and enjoy fine dining at some of the world renown eateries.

Some of the restaurants such as Oran Mor Bistro Restaurant, Galley Beach Restaurant, Straight Wharf Restaurant, Company of the Cauldron Restaurant, Brant Point Grill Restaurant, are offering a $45/dinner course or Black Eyed Susan's Restaurant a $35/dinner. Figs at 29 Fair Restaurant is offering a $29/dinner. These are three course meals! Enjoy this special time with friends, family, loved ones, or for a romantic time away from the hustle.

image via oranmorbistro.com
image via judge dice, straightwharfrestaurant.com

image via companyofthecauldron.com
image via brantpointgrill.com
image via oranmorbistro.com

If you are looking for bed and breakfast accommodations, Century House has availability during the Restaurant Week. Please call 508.228.0530. Don't miss this delicious time!

30 August 2011

Century House Nantucket Makes Palm Beach Daily News

Palm Beach Daily News serves Palm Beach. Here is an excerpt of the article:
Gerry’s Cranberry Raisin Cinnamon Bread best served in Nantucket
"If there’s one thing that Gerry Connick knows, it’s breakfast.
Century House — the Nantucket, Mass., inn ... is famous for its morning repast, most of which is prepared by Gerry himself in the predawn hours.
At the top of the delish list is Gerry’s Cranberry Raisin Cinnamon Bread, which author Fran Ruley liked so much, she included it in her latest book about Nantucket cuisine.
So we asked Gerry for the recipe.
Now, we’re all for baking from scratch, but this recipe begins “Harvest the wheat, then go to the nearest bog and gather up a pound of cranberries.”

continue reading... 

The recipe is found in the Good Things from Nantucket's North Shore - A Culinary Memoir by Frances Ruley Karttunen. 

Good Things from Nantucket's North Shore - A Culinary Memoir by Frances Ruley Karttunen. 

Here's what Yesterday's Island has to say about Karttunen and her new book: "Karttunen’s newest book, “Good Things From Nantucket’s North Shore: A Culinary Memoir” is a collection of recipes that have spent the past hundred-odd years journeying through her island lineage.  Not just a cookbook, it encompasses the culinary memories of a Nantucketer who grew up living and breathing local island food.  Written in a conversational style, the recipes are interspersed with the stories that first brought them to life.  Karttunen ushers you into the most treasured food moments of her life with revelations like, “For me, that meal was so perfect that I felt I couldn’t bear to spoil it by ever eating again.  Morning inevitably came and with it breakfast, but the memory remains indelible.”  Karttunen closes her eyes and imagines her grandma’s refrigerator door, saying that the thought of it still makes her mouth water.  “Because behind that door was,” she pauses for effect, “Pickled herring!” she declares with more delight than many people could muster at the thought.  It is certainly intriguing to learn how local availability once shaped the favorite foods of Nantucketers." 

Good Things from Nantucket's North Shore - A Culinary Memoir can be purchased at Mitchell's Book Corner Store on Nantucket.

Century House Nantucket Bed and Breakfast
The historic Century House dates back to the Cliff Road land purchase in 1833. According to research performed by Edouard A. Stackpole, renowned Nantucket historian and former director of the Peter Foulger Museum, a member of an old Nantucket family of Scottish roots, Captain Robert Calder, built the Century House. Over the years, Capt. Calder took part in several long, successful voyages to hunt whale, and eventually completed the construction of the house in the early 1840's. It is said that Capt. Calder chose this site because of the privacy, the ocean breezes, the views, and the genuine serenity the location provided in the 1840's and still exhibits today. According to Mr. Stackpole, Century House is the oldest continuously operating guesthouse on Nantucket Island to date. Visit www.centuryhouse.com for details. Like: facebook.com/CenturyHouseNantucketIsland  Follow @chnantucket read our blog: centuryhouse.com/blog

23 August 2011

Nantucket and Century House by Iphone's Instagram app

Enjoy these Nantucket vintage inspired photos I have taken with the IPhone. Instagram is one app I use all the time.  I post photos from around the island. When I see something that inspires me I photograph and share on our facebook page. As you can see the sun is shining brightly, eager to welcome Fall, which is right around the corner. If you are thinking of a Fall vacation please call us at 508.228.0530. It is a beautiful time of the year to visit Nantucket and our bed and breakfast!

Century House a Sunny Nantucket Veranda

Our Nantucket Wrap-Around Spacious Veranda

Watch the fog roll in on a Fall day, or enjoy the famous breezes

Nantucket bicycle photo

Century House. 10 Cliff Road.

View of our patio and veranda

flowers everywhere.

little gardens.

fresh flowers. Century House. and some sweet candy.

Nantucket roses.
the Famous Cobblestones. These guys can sing.

Steamboat Pizza Nantucket. Late night hours.
nighttime. full moon.
Nantucket bike shop.

Words fail me.

Love the moon.

Cute little shop.

The ferry comes in.

Little Miss Drama.

The Hub, Main Street Nantucket.

One of my favorite Nantucket Summer shot

Children's Beach, Summer Day. Nantucket.


Little quaint sitting area at Century House.

Our mascot. Truckie.

Century House. A Nantucket Bed and Breakfast on a Summer Day.

Check In Information.

Garden on the way home.

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Cheers, Otilia