16 December 2009

Boutique B&B's - Not Your Mother's B&B

Most people view bed and breakfasts as something old, worn out, and hoakie; where the furniture is ancient with your mother's old sheets, the stairs make strange noises, and the bed had seen better days.

Well it isn't so. The bed and breakfast industry has grown, evolved, and kept up with the Joneses hotels. Nantucket bed and breakfasts have quite a history and they have kept up also. We offer Internet, just because although we don't recommend using it while on vacation. The TV's are flat screen. Like many others Century House has entered the new era smoothly. Change and progress is good after all but only in limited quantities. Some B&B's are very modern but there is something soul soothing about a B&B which can mix old and new well. You don't give up the charm while throwing away that old Victorian frilly bedspread.

Century House still has that old Nantucket charm, not old as in old, but old as in special, going back in time charm. It is not New York-ish, or over the top. It's Nantucket style. A place where guests understand and talk to each other, passerby's say hello, cellphones are put to sleep, and TV's are rarely on. In Nantucket you pick up your bike and ride it or walk into town for an icecream cone. You're left at your own free will, exploring without the fear of getting lost, or over-tintilized.

So here's something you might not have known. Freedom is the greatest form of luxury, we believe. And that lies in the guest's choice to be free. Century House reflects that. At a bed and breakfast you should relax and have some privacy and freedom. Hotels can get a little sterile, a little too commercialized. And while it is nice to have the option to go to the spa, or the pool, or the ocean, or dine in the hotel, or in town those choices can be overwhelming. They do cater to you hand and foot, so that by the time you leave you need another vacation! Once in a while it is nice to put your feet up and just have some beautiful relaxing 'leave me alone' private time, away from the hustle and bustle.

So, while hotels are popular, the bed and breakfast will continue to have that homelike ambiance and offer the weary traveler that non-complicated vacation where you do step away back in time and relax.

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Century House Manager