11 August 2009

Newest breakfast addition: healthy Nantucket cranberry toast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We take this known fact seriously. "The breakfast [at the Century House] buffet is a bountiful affair of berries, fruit, granola, and other things healthy... Boston Globe, July 2008
Welcome to Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast. If you like Gerry's granola you will love his cranberry creation!! So many have asked the innkeepers Gerry and JeanE about the newest addition to the breakfast buffet: the cranberry/raisin toast.

According to Gerry at the Century House the Cranberry /Raisin is one of the two signature morning breads introduced this season to convey the feeling and smells of a guest house from the last 'century' as in 'Century House. It is made to our secret recipe by the local on island baker Daily Breads Bakery as we do not have the type of oven with controlled heat necessary to make it, the initial baking would increase the kitchen temperature to unacceptable levels.

Over six changes have already been made to this bread this season including two changes just to the actual shape.

Gerry says "I believe it to be the only grain totally natural - no preservative cranberry raisin bread on the Nantucket Island and it was designed to be either toasted or plain and used with cream cheese or butter. And by the way our granola has no nuts."

Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast: Guests are encouraged to enjoy the complimentary berry bountiful buffet breakfast each morning, warm Irish oatmeal with granulated Maple Sugar, Century House cranberry toast, fresh fruit, organic yogurt milk and fresh baked bread and to delicious muffins and coffee-cakes. Our signature dish "Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast," mentioned on forbes.com will add memories to your stay; best enjoyed on the wrap-around veranda, patio, or the garden or dining area! Early morning Gerry goes to the market for fresh fruit. He then prepares his berry bountiful breakfast: blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries cascading on his famous granola. Pineapple, melons, mangoes, bananas, and other fresh fruits also available. Homemade coffee-cakes & breads, bagels, cream cheese, English muffins, jams & jellies, juices, cappuccinos, espressos & latt├ęs, teas & the best coffee served!

So if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, cranberry toast should be a good addition to our buffet. See you @ breakfast!

Century House Nantucket