20 July 2009

Yes, we are on twitter...

We've been tweeting, or twittering from Nantucket, with love; and are quite happy to do so. We love talking about all things Nantucket, about those who visit it, stay for a while, and return many years later. We also read tweets and love to meet 'tweeple' from all over the world.

Thanks tweeple for being faithful friends, for welcoming us into the world of social media, and for loving us when we had no idea where to even begin.

Have a twitter day!


15 July 2009

Juicy details...Nantucket and the pineapple story

According to wiki pineapple 'is the common name for an edible tropical plant and also its fruit. It is native to the southern part of Brazil, and Paraguay. Pineapple is eaten fresh or canned and is available as a juice or in juice combinations.'

Pineapple is also the fruit served at the Century House for breakfast. Beautifully arranged to display its color and juicy-ness. But it goes deeper than that. Most probably did not know that the pineapple fruit is a symbol of hospitality and welcome. According to thegoldenbasket.com it also "dates back to whaling days when sea captains brought this tropical fruit home to Nantucket and displayed it to announce that they had returned and guests were welcome." How quaint! How Nantucket-tee!!

So the next time you see pineapple wood carvings, motifs, symbols, decorations etc. think of Nantucket and its hospitality. (photo of handmade sterling silver pineapple napkin holder, nantucket; courtesy of lecherchemidi-nantucket.com store)