24 June 2009

The Lobster Roll at Straight Wharf Fish Store on Nantucket makes "America's Best Sandwiches" List

The Lobster Roll at the Straight Wharf Fish Store is indeed the best in the nation according to Playboy's 'America's Best Sandwiches' List released today. For $17.95 you get the real deal. Innkeeper Gerry has been sending guests there for many years for the lobster roll. If that's not your thing a must is the crab cakes or the swordfish sandwich. Absolutely amazing and a must when on Nantucket!

See you on Nantucket for more fun and delicious finds!

23 June 2009

Ten things to do on Nantucket when it's raining

It's that time of the year on Nantucket. Rain. Not really of course. But you don't have to let the rain get you down. It comes and goes when you least expect it. Sometimes the weather channel gets it right, sometimes it doesn't. You never know, thirty miles out to sea. This is your time to explore the inside Nantucket, the behind the doors. You will discover the uniqueness of this island, such as Maria Mitchell-first American woman astronomer's birthplace. Nantucket's history is fascinating. And it will add memories to your trip.

So here are ten things you should do on Nantucket while it's raining.

1. Get married. For luck reasons of course, because rain brings luck so I've heard. We found a great picture of our guests who eloped and got married here. In the rain. Thank you Terry Pommett. See photo below. Umbrella it's on us. Cookies and champagne also complimentary.
2. Marriage not in the cards? Romance your way through it. Your creative side should be kicking in by now. :)
3. Visit the Whaling Museum. It has a sperm whaling skeleton, an 1847 candle factory restored, with its original whale-oil beam press, the only such artifact in the world still in its original location, exhibits, rooftop to view the Nantucket harbor and plenty of history. The museum was restored in 2005 and it is one of the few in the US to receive the accreditation of American Association of Museums.
4. Have a cup of Joe at the local coffee shop down the street, The Bean. They also have some of the best teas. While you're there head down to the wharf at the Fish Market for a great sandwich of freshly caught swordfish. They have some great crab cakes (fresh crab meat). Yum! For dessert have a smoothie at the Juice Guys.
5. Spend some time at the Atheneum, Nantucket's amazing library. It's been there as long as the Century House has been, 175 years. Here you will find a large selection of gossip magazine, daily newspapers, and books, books, books. Find a little corner and read away. Internet is also free.
6. Take the historic tour of Nantucket. You can use the public transportation. It is also walkable and close by. Explore and learn. Quaker Meeting House, Whitney Gallery, NHA Research Library, Aquarium, Historic Coffin School: Egan Maritime Institute, The Hadwen House, Fire Hose-Cart House, Greater Light, Maria Mitchell Birthplace, Vestal Street Observatory, Natural Science Museum, The Old Gaol (Jail), The Oldest House and circa 1700 kitchen garden, Maria Mitchell Observatory, The Old Mill, African Meeting House, Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum, Shipwreck and Life Saving Museum.
7. Shop indoors! Leave the window shopping for later. Shop for classy unusual designs, unique local jewelry, the famous Nantucket Reds, the Nantucket basket, antiques and many other fun trinkets to remind you of Nantucket.
8. Hop from gallery to gallery. Discover the unique talents of local artists who capture the beauty and uniqueness of this charming island. You will be amazed!
9. See a movie or catch a play. There are two theatres on Nantucket, Starlight and Nantucket Casino (for old movies). (An open theatre, the Dreamland Theatre will have open air movies starting in July, shown on rain-less days). Or search or movie collection of over 150 films and snuggle. You can also view the Wings TV Show, and discover that Century House was one of the show's locations.
10. This is your chance to explore the island. Take it all in!


18 June 2009

Nantucket Film Festival- behind the scenes

One of the fun things on Nantucket every year is the Film Festival. This year the Nantucket Film Festival takes place June 18 - June 21 with opening show at Sconset Casino, June 18, 7 pm. Celebrities, actors and actresses, comedians, film producers, and the volunteers all make this spectacular event happen. The Nantucketeers are always there to help. Without the dedicated volunteers many events would not take place. Our very own Jillian DiPilla is assisting this year in the Film Festival and we thank her for he hard work and dedication. Jillian is the face behind the scenes also at the Century House, always with a smile. A recent graduate of University of Massachusetts, with a love and passion for the film industry. She most recently completed an internship with 20/20 and Primetime at ABC and worked on Barbara Walters specials. This is her third summer on Nantucket

12 June 2009

On going to Martha's Vineyard

I have nothing, absolutely nothing against Martha's Vineyard. The name sounds familiar to many, affiliated with the Kennedys and of course the name itself evokes charm and curiosity. They say once you've been to Nantucket, you will always go back to Nantucket. It awakes the soul, it becomes part of you. So often we have guests who inquire about a trip to Martha's Vineyard, while on Nantucket. And yes you can take a day trip but you have to stay overnight. Most recently we found that our guests were wanting to take ferry to Hyannis Port from Nantucket, early in the morning, then take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard from Hyannis Port. Same for the return trip (take ferry to Hyannis from Martha's Vineyard and then take ferry to Nantucket from Hyannis) all in one day. They were here for one week and they desperately wanted to see Martha's Vineyard. The downfall being that you spend several hours on the ferry and only little time on MV.

Or you can fly over in just minutes.

I am not opposed to a trip to Martha's Vineyard from Nantucket, but I always wondered if it was worth it. So I took a trip, met some friends and had a great time with them. I stayed in the Harbor View Hotel, in Edgartown, which by the way was a beautiful resort. Location. Check. Luxury amenities. Check. Service. Check. Pool. Check. I didn't need the pool since the beach was just a couple steps away. Also, the rooms were grand, clean, beautiful in a hotel kind of way but it still wasn't like staying in a bed and breakfast. It was too commercialized. And there was no personal touch. Of course it is a beautiful hotel, but it seemed to have missed the very thing that draws people to these islands, the charm. You can always stay at a beautiful hotel, just as you can always stay at the Ritz. Edgartown is charming though. White picket fences, small cottages, and the beach. And dinner was superb, one of the best I've ever had. I love seafood but I had the best lamb chops in the world at LoLa's Southern Seafood, in Oak Bluffs So good I am still dreaming of it.

So the experience was unforgetable. With the island being so close to mainland you get many daytime visitors, so the island is packed. Nantucket is 30 miles out to sea and most come for several days to two and three weeks. But the main difference in staying on Nantucket and anywhere else, is that Nantucket Island has kepts its original whaling town ambiance, it stayed true to its roots. You do step back in time. You do get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are no commercial stores or restaurants. There are no traffic lights. No Starbucks. The old fashioned lamps still line the cobblestone streets. And you can still hear the church bells ringing. The island is also only 13 miles long and 4 miles wide, and almost half of Nantucket is preserved land for the wild life.

Century House