22 May 2009

Get your green on Nantucket style

Gone are the days when the only air conditioning in the rooms was wide open windows with natural summer ocean breeze blowing. That was of course back several decades ago and that's just fine with us. We're into the 21st Century where we like to accommodate every need a guest might have. That doesn't mean you can't vacation environment-friendly though. We want every guest to experience the true Nantucket, the Nantucket we know and love and will never get enough of. We have not forgotten the true beauty of what Nantucket has to offer: fresh air, walkable cobblestone streets, starry skies, ocean breezes, sunshine rays, and the natural habitat of birds and wild flowers. Hidden away from mainland USA, 30 miles out to sea, hundreds of years later Nantucket Island is still the prime choice spot for weary summer vacation travelers looking for a way away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is what makes Nantucket unique as a destination. About 40% of the island is preserved. We appreciate those who care to preserve its natural habitat. Read here more about island preservation.

Activities on Nantucket are plenty: riding a bike on its well constructed enchanting bicycle paths, swimming in sparkling ocean waters, bird watching, kayaking, feisty fishing, watching the whales, basket weaving, riding the waves, We encourage guests to discover the beauty of Nantucket, and explore nature by a bike ride, walk to town, stroll on the beach. Bicycles are the most affordable, pleasant and environment friendly way to see Nantucket.

Also, in an effort to support healthy living we serve Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast, now a popular choice for guests and mentioned in numerous media outlets. Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries cascading on his famous granola, organic yogurt, warm oatmeal with granulated maple sugar, cranberry toast, baked bread, fresh orange juice is just the beginning of this bountiful delicious meal. For dinner plenty of healthy choices await you from the fresh fish caught the same day, vegetables from Bartlett's farm and many other dishes served in our favorite restaurants. Call us for dinner references and we'll give you the scoop!

For bicycles go to http://www.nantucketbikeshop.com/ or call 508-228-1999, friendly staff, free fast complimentary island delivery and over 30 years of same ownership.

21 May 2009

Nantucket Treasures: Oh give me land, lots of land...

"Oh, give me land - lots of land - under starry skies above - and a place to call my own, please don't fence me in...just turn me loose," Cole Porter

Imagine for a moment where you live. Visualize approximate 50 sq. mile of your surrounding neighborhood. Now replace about 40% of this 50 sq. miles area with open space of undisturbed natural habitat, including beaches, wetlands, aquifer recharge areas, moorlands, heathlands, cranberry bogs; rare species habitat; ocean, pond and harbor frontage, and properties for passive and active recreation.

Welcome to Nantucket Island, where an aggressive land conservation program is acquiring, preserving, and protecting these open spaces and endangered landscapes in the name of the love of the land and for the use and enjoyment of the Nantucket community. Hundreds and hundreds of acres are protected by various conservation groups. This is a first of its kind in the nation. These active groups, artists, community citizens who cherish Nantucket's natural beauty raise funds to prevent environmental degradation by purchasing the open space.

Many of these properties are within 1-2 miles of the Century House, including Tupancy Links, Eel Point and Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture --- the glorious turfs upon which to discover the freedoms of Nantucket and the wonders of the land. Explore, enjoy, live...discover! (photos courtesy of Nantucket Land Council).

Century House