05 March 2009

Naples Wet Painting Festival

The Annual Artist in Residence Program at Century House Nantucket Kicks off with Naples Wet Painting Festival in Naples Florida with Paul Arsenault, http://www.arsenaultstudio.com/ and Don Mosher, http://www.moshergallery.com/ pictured here with Jean Ellen Heron and Gerry Connick of Century House.

JeanE and Gerry are immensely involved in the arts. They inspire artists to reach their full potential. Aside from the arts JeanE and Gerry's passion involves Century House, http://www.centuryhouse.com on Nantucket Island where the program was started back in the 80's, showing others true living and selling luxury homes in Palm Beach and Gerry's other love Truckie, the mistress, as his wife calls it, a well taken care of 1940's beauty.

The Artist in Residence Program of features Nantucket Artists/Painters of over twenty years and has attracted the talents of Tom Heinsohn, William Duffy, Richard French, Christopher Wheat, Paul Arsenault, Kevin Shea, Diane Aeschliman, John Bannon, Gary Akers, Gary Korlin, Marla Korr, Leonard Mizerek, Don Mosher, Julia O'Malley Keyes, Sergio Roffo, David Schock, Robert Farber, Russ Kramer, Barbara Lussier, Bill Fein, George Augusta, Douglas Smith, David Bareford, John Chakonas, John Caggiano, Catherine Elliott, West Fraser, Jessica Fine, Michael Graves, Gary Akers, Michael Harrell, Greg Sobran, Stephen Hodecker, Lori Zummo, Ralph Waterhouse, Chris Magadini and others. To find information about the artist program go to http://www.centuryhouse.com/charette.htm