05 December 2008

Reflections on Nantucket Christmas Strolls Past

Like a love affair, certain dates, smells, sounds, and sights trigger memories of joyful, magical events ...and the weekend after Thanksgiving does this for me...as Thursday night approaches and I packed my bags for another Nantucket Stroll. I liked to sit by the blazing warth of the fire in the livingroom and write my Holiday Cards while the music is played and the winds were a'blowing outside.

My favor memory, which I savor with whimsicality was the "Year of the Blizzard on Island" where the snow piled high in drifts and everything was WHITE. The seagulls were perched on the basin's piles, a foot deep in snow; walks along the beaches edge left footprints of sand trimmed in snow; the boughs were bend low with the weight of the snow, and our breath created streams of "pure smoke" as we walked along in the crisp air. And everywhere you strolled at night, the brightly decorated homes with strings of lights were like oases of confetti splashed again the landscape ... sort of a play on the spray of fireworks in the Summer!

Shop Keepers, restaurants and cafes went out of the way to provide their fare and the smell of Christmas cinnamon brew was in the air! Main Street was laced up and down with fir trees decorated by the year round businesses and school children ... my favorite being the little kids "homemade decoration of construction paper with lace dollies and the creator's picture prouding adorning a wreath or tree or stocking cut out.

To all participating in this year's Stroll I wish you a step back in time Discovering the Freedoms of Nantucket with many years of happy joyous memories,

The Innkeeperette JeanE