27 November 2008

Memories of Thanksgiving

It's that time of year when we think of family and friends and those precious memories that make up a life! And I thought I would share the news of our first Thanksgiving celebration at Century House 25 Season's ago! The idea followed on the heels of learning that it was snowing on Nantucket this past week!! and everyone kept saying "I can't remember it ever snowing on Island before Thanksgiving". An island Thanksgiving feast is almost typical traditional but with the addition of a freshly harvested "Nantucket scallop" appetizer.

This got me to reminisce. It was a raw, cold week on Nantucket Island November 1984, and yet the warmth of the neighborhood celebrations and the guests sitting around the fireplace in the Century House sitting room sharing their lives, was special. It seems in "Season", the guests mostly explore the Island on their own, spending minimal time in the Sitting Room. But with the chill in the air (although blessed with the clearest of skies and stars brightly shining at night) afternoon readings,chattings and relaxing are more focal ---and the call to borrow more of Gerry's extensive book collection is greater....a very nostalgic memory of special guest interaction and conviviality.

Gerry's Breakfast included serving his favorite cranberry and pumpkin muffins; and the shopkeepers and restaurants went out of their way to share in the festivities of this favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

To all our guests and friends, Gerry and I want to thank you for supporting our efforts to provide you a serene, comfortable and embracing stay at our "work of love", the Century House.

By the way, as much as we enjoyed the memories of year round innkeeping and special off season celebrations, we decided to head South for our Winters and now close mid October!

A Healthy Happy Thanksgiving to each of you,

JeanE, the Innkeeperette

04 November 2008

Discount on a Century House Stay

Anyone who voted today can book a stay at 20% off discount on any room for 2009 Season. Call and reserve your stay. Valid until November 5.

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