28 August 2008

Behind the Beauty

Behind every beauty there is hard work. At least when it comes to Century House. The abundant flowers makes Century House and Nantucket an unforgettable site. This issue features "the gal behind the flowers" at Century House!! Landscaper Joan Libby has been a friend and Nantucket year-rounder since we first met 25 years ago, ourselves as bright eyed neophytes as the Innkeepers of Century House. At the time, there was this terrific - and would you believe, reasonable year round restaurant called the North Wharf Fish House where Joan waitressed. Friendly, sincere and hardworking, Joan ventured off and establish her landscaping business with Century House becoming one of her early and faithful clients. Not only does she keep the property a'blooming in Season, she nurtures the flora and shrubbery through-out the dormant Winter months so that the Spring flowers soar through the rich earth with joy!!! Joan uses only eco friendly products to prevent contamination of soil and Nantucket waters. Pictured above is Joan with Innkeeper Gerry enjoying the fruits of her labor.

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