20 June 2008

Oh the possibilities!

Hello Nantucketeers:
Some favorite things to do this summer:

-indulge in icecream downtown or by the wharf.
-have a good cup of coffee at the bean or at the Century House.
-watch the sunset at Madaket with some sandwiches from Something Natural just down the street.
-walk to the 2nd oldest lighthouse and around to Jetties Beach
-ride the bike to Sconset Milestone and back onto Polpis. (lunch in Sconset)
-dine at any of our favorite spots; asks us about it.
-take a break. free movies at the inn, you know, in case you just want to relax.
-shop downtown for unique finds.
-view the night sky at the Loines Observatory around 9pm.
-listen to some bands at the Chicket box
-watch a live play.
-ride the waves on the many beaches
-bask in the sun

Nantucket is full of possibilities. Discover. Explore. We welcome all.

13 June 2008

Tim Russert

We are very sad to have our very own summer resident Tim Russert pass away at the young age of 58. A good friend of the Century House and a welcomed inspiration to most of the island resident. He was involved in many island non-profit events.

Tim Russert spent his time as the NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of “Meet the Press.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Gerry Connick, Century House
Innkeeper and island resident for 25 yrs.

09 June 2008

"Old Lovebirds" on Nantucket's Memory Lane

"We create memories for couples just like the Hutchinsons. Nantucket offers countless ways for people to discover themselves. Century House celebrates Nantucket, and now that our history has moved into the 21st Century it continues to operate with the attentive hospitality it did in the late 1800's." Century House, Since 1833

We had the Hutchinsons here at the Century House Bed and Breakfast Inn on Nantucket Island. And it was wonderful trip on memory lane for them. They were selected randomly for our "Lovebirds Contest" out of thousands of entries. This "Lovebirds Contest" was to celebrate our 175th year as a guesthouse and 25 years as innkeepers.

The winners had to be married to each other 25 - 175 years.

The contest was featured in USA Today, forbes.com, Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Daily News, Charlotte Observer, The Enquirer Journal and Kansas City Star and several other sites.

Here's what John and Gail had to say about their stay:

Monday, June 09, 2008

We arrived on Friday, June 6th. It was a cold, rainy day. Hy-line’s Great Point ferry delivered us to the Nantucket pier. We were wet and cold. When we arrived at the front door of the Century House, all of that changed. We walked directly into the sitting room where one guest was comfortably napping on one of the three couches. The early American d├ęcor accentuated by marvelous oil paintings and soft background music made us feel warm, cozy and welcomed. Otilia soon joined us and oriented us to our room (the Black Orchid) and the house. Our room was beautiful and perfect. We put our leftover cheddar cheese and fresh cherries in the room’s fridge. They were our snack, along with a box of Triscuits, on the ferry boat, reminiscent of our first date, 34 years ago. Romance was in the air. our room was so very cozy and warm. Our windows looked out through the climbing wisteria. The well stood private bath has a luscious deep tub and the light over the bed along with the lights on either side were dimmer controlled. Yes! After unpacking our bags we went back out to the sitting room. How did they know that coconut macaroons were a favorite. A bowl of them with hot and cold drinks for our pleasure. Later, at 3:30, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies replaced the macaroons. Can you believe it? Gerry Connick came in though the kitchen and we were introduced.
Through the next four days and three nights, we felt so at home. Many new friends were made in delightful conversations in the sitting room, people from all walks of life. Breakfasts were smorgasbord of fresh fruit and berries to garnish homemade granola. Bagels, English muffins, scones or toast to go with delicious fresh brewed coffee or tea. And fellowship with Gerry and other guests during breakfast was always a plus. And if you wanted you could take your breakfast out onto a spot on the porch that surrounds the house.
The next three days were sunny and warm. We chose to walk and enjoy many of Nantucket’s beauty slowly. Although on Saturday afternoon, we did rent some bikes and paddle out to surfside to sit on the beach and finish off our Triscuits, cheese and cherries…the same as we had 34 years ago.
Our anniversary visit to Nantucket, made possible by The Century House has blessed us in so many ways and will of itself be a wonderful memory. One we hope can be revisited.

Thank you, Century House!
Thank you Gerry and Jean!
Thank you Otilia!

Your ‘old lovebirds,’
John and Gail Hutchinson

Here is part of the story in the local Charlotte Observer:
"...Gail and John Hutchinson, a Waxhaw couple, won the national contest, from a field of nearly 1,000 entries.

I contacted Gail and John to ask about their win, and got "the rest of the story." Our conversation just reinforces my position that Waxhaw is full of interesting people.

John Hutchinson told me he spotted the notice for the contest in USA Today online. "I never enter contests," said John, but this one struck a responsive chord, so he provided the required information.

"Our first date was taking our bicycles out on the ferry to Nantucket," John reminisced. "I had been given two free tickets on the ferry. We took with us a block of cheddar cheese, a box of Triscuits and a bag of cherries. After arriving on the island we bicycled down to the south beach and sat there enjoying our crackers and cheese and cherries."

Gail added that they met in Osterville, on Cape Cod. They knew each other from church, but the connection for them was discovering a mutual interest in Asia. Gail was studying in Hyannis at Cape Cod Community College. She had lived in Thailand. John was back from the Navy, where he had been stationed in Taiwan.

Gail and John married two years later, and all these years they still talk about Nantucket.

They had actually planned to honeymoon on Nantucket, but Gail's mom was not a fan of winter. She took up a collection within the family and sent the couple to Bermuda instead.

"This gift from Century House will be a wonderful trip down memory lane for us. It will bring us home nearly 34 years after our first date," John said.

It seems that these two "old lovebirds" have a migratory cycle that makes Canada geese look like stay-at-homes. John and Gail love living in Waxhaw. They have been residents since July 2001. I asked them where they had been prior to moving here, and got "which time?" as an answer. Their common interest in Asia was fortuitous. I learned they had lived in the Philippines for eight years, and three years in Malaysia.

Now they are headed back where it all began.

John and Gail plan to make their visit to Nantucket in June, before the tourist season begins in earnest, and the water is of a temperature fit only for natives of the Cape." John Anderson, The Charlotte Observer