07 January 2008

Old Traditions, New Beginnings

Another new transformation is occuring only a block down the street from Century House and across the street from the White Elephant Residences... We welcome the new, evolving Point Breeze Hotel/Condominium.

Remarkably, the innkeepers, (confident of their selection of Century House as the premiere location on the Island back in 1984 when they first took over the day to day responsibilities of the inn) are discovering that not only the aforementioned NIR White Elephant Residences enterprise is in full swing, so is an unrelated venture across its streets (and again only 4 houses away from Century House).

The Point Breeze venture, restoring the old grand dame "Point Breeze Hotel" (originally constructed in the late 1800's) to its former glory for the Island Traveler, and is also offering Hotel/Condominium units. Its developers Bob and Mia Matthews, who live across the street from Century House on Nantucket Island are creating a boutique hotel/condominium with units starting at approximately $1,000,000. So why not enjoy the ambience of the Century House and indulge in the amenities of these enterprises that selected our neighborhood as THEIR PREMIERE NANTUCKET HISTORIC LOCATIONS!!

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