07 January 2008

Uniquely Nantucket

When I think of Nantucket, freedom is what comes to mind. Every time I visit, I feel completely free from stress, everyday pressures and routine. Each time I breathe in the salty air, problems seem so miniscule; there's a richness of serenity that fills the air and a special glow in the hydrangeas that capture the sun.

At the Century House, we treasure those moments everyday and share them with our guests throughout the season!

N - Natural beauty
A - Art and Inspiration
N - Noble and distinguished
T - Treasures that are hidden
U - Unique traditions
C - Cranberry tarts
K - Kick back and relax
E - Explore your freedom
T - Ticket to return!

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Didi Lutz


Anonymous said...

I love Nantucket Island. It is unique indeed. I can't wait to visit in June.

ackdevotee said...

Hopefully it stays that way.