07 January 2008

Hidden Treasures: Giving to Nantucket

Philanthropists come in so many colors and shades; and Innkeepers Gerry and JeanE - livng in two oasis of philanthropy have seen it all --- in this issue we acknowledge the gift of Summer Residents - Wendy and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google - in purchasing the property in Nantucket's downtown historic district to house the Nantucket Rapid Transit Authority (NRTA) as a gift to the Island... With goals to decrease automobile traffic and congestion, as well as the number of vehicles on Island, Nantucket created the NRTA , a series of shuttle buses that reach out over many of the beaches and highlights of the Island fom May to October. A gift to tourists and Islanders alike, the service has grown to such a point that a central "hub" was required and the town- in a referendum vote this winter- failed to receive the needed votes to acquire the designated property in the downtown area.

So Wendy and Eric Schmidt, CEO of GOOGLE who live a few houses north of Century House on Cliff Road (and very near the former home of painter Eastman Johnson (see story in October 2006 CH Newsletter or read here) purchased the property for the Island!!!

Thanks for Giving Wendy and Eric Schmidt.

The Hidden Treasure???? The fact that some of our Summer Residents are also the biggest supporters of the preservation of the Nantucket way of life.

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