23 January 2008

We Made USAToday.com

Here's the article:

USA Today, Hotel Hotsheet - Check it out before you check in, Tuesday January 22, 28

By Kitty Bean Yancey

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Married for 25 years? Win a free stay
To mark its 175th anniversary and the 25th wedding anniversary of its innkeepers, the Century House on the island of Nantucket is hosting a contest for couples who've gone the distance.

No, you don't have to have been together for 175 years to win, but if you've been wed 25 years or more, you could win a free stay there.

Innkeepers JeanEllen Heron and Gerry Connick are calling all quarter-century-plus lovebirds to enter. Just click here and you could win a three-night stay. Deadline for entering: Valentine's Day.

Now, if you don't qualify for this contest, maybe you're interested in getting to the point where you could. It's leap year this year (on Feb.29), and that traditionally means gals can propose to their guys.

So, Kimpton's Hotel Monaco Denver has a "Dare to Propose" deal. Rates start at $259 a night, which includes valet parking; gift of Colorado beer to brew up the courage to ask for his hand. Kimpton's Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, Mass., has a "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady" package. Pay $349 a night and get another free, plus roses and champagne and in-room breakfast . Clever idea, but can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to take your sweetie to a hotel, pop the question and get a NO. That would put quite a crimp on the stay, don't you think?

Has that happened to any Hotsheeters? Care to 'fess up? And I'm sure you hoteliers have had to handle some fallout from proposals that went belly up, no?

Photo courtesy Century House

17 January 2008

Century House Makes Forbes.com Again

Forbes.com seems to like Century House. They named us here "Top Five Eastern US Summer Inn Destinations!" And after some of their writers visited us they talked about us here.

Well, we've been saying that the best things about Nantucket are free. Since we are giving away a "Yours and Ours Anniversary" package, forbes.com decided to write about it in ForbesLife Find of the Day .

our giveway | article in forbes.com | what forbes.com says about us

Here's is the article in full:

Century House Anniversary Giveaway
Have you made it past your silver anniversary? Century House, a charming bed and breakfast in Nantucket, Mass., says "well done." In fact, they're rewarding one long-lasting couple by giving away a three night stay at the inn. It includes a berry buffet breakfast, afternoon tea and a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Just enter to win by emailing centurybnb@aol.com or by sending your name, spouse’s name, marriage date, e-mail address, physical address and phone number to Century House, 10 Cliff Road, Nantucket, MA, 02554. Make sure to send in your information by Valentine’s Day--Feb. 14.

Remember, you must be married for at least 25 years, and will be required to prove this, upon check-in, with a copy of your marriage certificate. Valid dates for stay are May 15 to June 15 and Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, 2008.

For more information, visit www.centuryhouse.com.

--Lauren Sherman

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11 January 2008

USA Today talks about art in hotels

"Art can help create an experience" says Barbara De Lollis from USA TODAY. We knew that twenty some years ago when we began our Artist-in-Residence open to all our creative minds. Yesterday I talked about Gary Akers one of our artists being published in American Artist Watercolor Magazine

Nantucket Island is well known for being a place of inspiration. In the words of William Duffy "Over the last ten years, through the kind and energetic encouragement of JeanE and Gerry (not to mention the fabulous accommodations of Century House), Nantucket has become one of the places which puts me in a state of heart where I have done some of my best work." Our Diane Aeschliman believes in working from life as much as possible, whether portrait, still life or landscape. She accepts commissions in all three disciplines, and has traveled as far as Switzerland to paint a portrait. A member of The Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, she has won four awards, including a first and second in their recent exhibitions. Her painting "Marissa" is included in the book How did You Paint That? 100 Ways to Paint People and Figures Volume 2, published by International Artist, 2005.

Here some of them have to say about staying and painting on Nantucket:

Marla Korr, a New Yorker: "This year marks the 12th year since I have been coming to the Century House. I look forward to sitting on the verandah where I watch the fog lift off as I indulge in Gerry's-Berry-Buffet-Breakfast and rice pudding. I think about the breakfast all year and I look forward to my stay. It is a place where I find my inspiration as an artist .”

Michael Harrell: "Nantucket reminds me of America's nautical heritage...especially the cobblestone streets which were used as ballast on the whaling ships. I also like the fact that the Century House used to be a ship captain's house in the 1800's.”

Julia O'Malley Keyes "Nantucket Island is one of the most peaceful, engaging places on the face of the earth. In my humble opinion, the only REAL way to have a true island experience is to stay at the Century House, haven for the world weary..."

Lori Zummo: For the past twelve years, Lori Zummo has been one of Nantucket’s most popular and best selling artists, while showing every summer at the Robert Wilson Galleries. Original oil paintings can currently be seen and purchased at their Nantucket and Sarasota."
"I always love coming back to the Century house after a long day of painting at the beach. The friendly staff and comfortable accommodations provide such a charming respite right in the heart of beautiful downtown Nantucket. My stays here have always been a pleasure."

Don Mosher: "My wife and I stayed at the Century House many times over the last 15 years. JeanE and Gerry have always made us feel like part of their family. As artists we have the close proximity to downtown and to the beaches...a perfect location and a warm atmosphere."

Joan Chakonas: "My Nantucket experience for the past three years has been the Century House bed and breakfast. Each year I begin packing sooner and sooner because I cannot wait to arrive. It is an honor and privilege to have been invited to participate in the Artists Program. It is so nice to have such appreciative and generous hosts. The accommodations are elegant, the breakfast spread literally carries me through dinner so there is no interruption to our on site painting. Artists who are granted this privilege are very fortunate.”

10 January 2008

Our Artist Gary Akers in American Artist, Watercolor Magazine

Our very own Gary Akers, an Artist-in-Residence for many years has just been published in the American Artist, WATERCOLOR, Fall 2007 Issue. He visits Century House and Nantucket Island every season because it's also a place where he finds inspiration for his work. "My subjects come to me unexpectedly. I see the way the light is hitting an object, and I like the sense of depth or texture that is created." His work, among others', is proudly displayed in our art collection. Some of you may have met him this past season. And if you haven't he'll be here this 2008 Season.

Nantucket revivifies the imagination, the spirit, the creativity, and we always welcome beauty through the artist's eye! Jean Ellen and Gerry Have been involved in the arts for over twenty five years. The art-in-residence program is open to any creative mind.

Come and observe, or be a part of it.

"We are delighted that the Artist-in-Residence Program has evolved so well here at the Century House.
We look forward to seeing Nantucket through their eyes and potentially
sharing the experience with some of our guests.
” JeanE and Gerry, Innkeepers

09 January 2008

AskMen.com Rates Top Ten Most Endagered Locations

When you search prospective vacation destinations, it's important where you get your information from, even when it comes to Nantucket Island.

One guide that's always reliable is National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, Travel and Leisure, etc. Askmen.com, the ever so popular website rated the Top Ten Most Endagered Location for over-tourism, environmental causes, conflict, etc.

1. Dampier Rock Art Complex in Murujuga, Australia
2. Sonargaon-Panam City, Bangladesh
3. Chinguetti Mosque, Mauritania, West Africa
4. Panama Canal, Panama City, Chagres River
5. Dhangkar Gompa, Himachal Pradesh, India
6. Old Damascus, Syria
7. Babylon, Iraq
8. Leh Old Town, Ladakh, India
9. The Coral Triangle, Sulu and Sulawesi Seas
10. Greenland

When it comes to Nantucket, we know a thing or two since we've been here for 175th year this Season 2008. Check our website at www.centuryhouse.com or our reviews

Otilia Herput

Coffee - the Nantucket Way

Good coffee, worth waiting for, is hard to find these days...unless you're on Nantucket. And not if you're talking about Starbucks. I know. Their coffee is in, more popular than ever. Yes, but frankly, I'm tired of standing in lines.

Palm Beach's Starbucks is equaly popular, so off I go this morning, to indulge my senses and to stand in line for who knows how long. In the winter Century House is hibernating, so we all spend our time in Palm Beach, FL. But I dream of Nantucket these days. Those Nantucketeers know a good ol' cup o' joe. But since we're closed until Spring, all I can do is dream.

Gerry's freshly brewed coffee, starting at 5am, available all day, awaits the guests. The smell of the aroma reaches all the way up to the third floor and the early birds come flying. I drink it constantly, but I like to break it up a little, so I walk down to the coffee shop, maybe five minutes max., close to downtown. For the curious coffee minds, such as myself, I suggest taking a leisurely, relaxing walk to The Bean, on Nantucket, one of my other favorite coffee places on the island. I'll be there. Not for Gerry's 5am coffee. But likely standing in line at The Bean. Worth every sip. And with that, I'm ok.

Read more about Gerry, the innkeeper.

Otilia Herput

08 January 2008

Triple-Sheet Beds?

According to Gary Stoller from USA Today, even professors at Cornell University explain "how to triple-sheet beds." Read article here. And Shannon Donnelly mentioned it in one of her daily column in the Palm Beach Daily News (or the Shiny Sheet - a Palm Beach Society Paper). Read the article.

We're ahead of the game folks. Gerry our innkeeper even mentioned it on the live interview with Martha Stewart Living Radio. Listen to what he has to say about it.

Century House on Martha Stewart Live Radio

Yes!! We could not believe it either: the famous Martha Stewart Living Radio show asking us how we make beds? So we agreed to go on the show LIVE to teach them a thing or two! You can listen to the Century House Nantucket interview here


BURRRRRR its Winter in the USA and for many of our guests this means ˜the snow is aflowing." Rather than the ignored pink elephant in the living room, the white elephant symbolic of "burr" beckons many of our guests to make their 2008 Summer Century House reservations. There is something about Gerry's hot coffee and berry buffet breakfast (I thinks it's the granola!) that evolves warmth and good cheer.

07 January 2008

24 Hours at the Century House

It's that time of the year. Yes. Time to plan a vacation. If you're like us, you need a vacation after a holiday vacation. It's cold. It's dreary. And we're tired of the winter. So Nantucket this summer is the best vacation idea. Here's what 24 hours look like with us.

Most stays are proceeded by months of anticipation either as a repeating guest with an educated expectation or new guests with fantasy fleeting thoughts after months of research and yearning. The slapping of the ocean against the ferry, or the winds pressing against the airplane's wings, arriving " on Island" is exhilarating either way --- truly an adventure---and arrival at the Century House is a highlight: ...the aromic delight of the cascading flora: tulips, daffodils, geraniums, roses, lilacs - smells in the air - along with freshly brewed coffees and teas & homemade cookies and cream.

A friendly greeting, a thoughtful nestling into one's chosen room and perhaps a cup of tea and a book, a snooze before venturing off to the lure of the beach, the bike path, the art galleries, or a scintillating bite to eat!

Soon the renown "sunset arrival "--- whether nestled on the beach or relaxing on the Century House veranda --- before heading out for the evening's soiree. Dinner time: the theatre, private party, jazz, dancing or just meandering the cobblestoned streets and discovering one of the freedoms of Nantucket's proverbial gardens. The salt air infects and at some unexpected point the lure to return to the Century House beckons and one sinks into the custom made mattresses with a smile on one's face.

Time passes and the wiff of Innkeeper Gerry's specially ground coffee beans pervade the air early- competing only with the smell of the freshly homemade goodies awaiting at Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast - ah! the berries cascading on his famous granola. Perhaps first a morning jog or leisurely stroll experiencing a new dawn awakening on this exquisite jewel of an Island Retreat. Discover the Freedoms and

Experience Nantucket Island...come aboard and you'll likely have the ride of you life!

Either way, we're open for suggestions!

Old Traditions, New Beginnings

Another new transformation is occuring only a block down the street from Century House and across the street from the White Elephant Residences... We welcome the new, evolving Point Breeze Hotel/Condominium.

Remarkably, the innkeepers, (confident of their selection of Century House as the premiere location on the Island back in 1984 when they first took over the day to day responsibilities of the inn) are discovering that not only the aforementioned NIR White Elephant Residences enterprise is in full swing, so is an unrelated venture across its streets (and again only 4 houses away from Century House).

The Point Breeze venture, restoring the old grand dame "Point Breeze Hotel" (originally constructed in the late 1800's) to its former glory for the Island Traveler, and is also offering Hotel/Condominium units. Its developers Bob and Mia Matthews, who live across the street from Century House on Nantucket Island are creating a boutique hotel/condominium with units starting at approximately $1,000,000. So why not enjoy the ambience of the Century House and indulge in the amenities of these enterprises that selected our neighborhood as THEIR PREMIERE NANTUCKET HISTORIC LOCATIONS!!

Hidden Treasures: Giving to Nantucket

Philanthropists come in so many colors and shades; and Innkeepers Gerry and JeanE - livng in two oasis of philanthropy have seen it all --- in this issue we acknowledge the gift of Summer Residents - Wendy and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google - in purchasing the property in Nantucket's downtown historic district to house the Nantucket Rapid Transit Authority (NRTA) as a gift to the Island... With goals to decrease automobile traffic and congestion, as well as the number of vehicles on Island, Nantucket created the NRTA , a series of shuttle buses that reach out over many of the beaches and highlights of the Island fom May to October. A gift to tourists and Islanders alike, the service has grown to such a point that a central "hub" was required and the town- in a referendum vote this winter- failed to receive the needed votes to acquire the designated property in the downtown area.

So Wendy and Eric Schmidt, CEO of GOOGLE who live a few houses north of Century House on Cliff Road (and very near the former home of painter Eastman Johnson (see story in October 2006 CH Newsletter or read here) purchased the property for the Island!!!

Thanks for Giving Wendy and Eric Schmidt.

The Hidden Treasure???? The fact that some of our Summer Residents are also the biggest supporters of the preservation of the Nantucket way of life.

Uniquely Nantucket

When I think of Nantucket, freedom is what comes to mind. Every time I visit, I feel completely free from stress, everyday pressures and routine. Each time I breathe in the salty air, problems seem so miniscule; there's a richness of serenity that fills the air and a special glow in the hydrangeas that capture the sun.

At the Century House, we treasure those moments everyday and share them with our guests throughout the season!

N - Natural beauty
A - Art and Inspiration
N - Noble and distinguished
T - Treasures that are hidden
U - Unique traditions
C - Cranberry tarts
K - Kick back and relax
E - Explore your freedom
T - Ticket to return!

for more information visit our bed and breakfast - the premier nantucket luxury inns

Didi Lutz

06 January 2008

Rosebud is Getting a Facelift

Beauty is skin deep... except, in this case, it goes much deeper. Yearly innkeeper Gerry, biographed here chooses a room for a complete makeover. We don't draw straws or anything; we simply look around, take a few notes and decide which one inspires Gerry to a new level.
For the 2008 season we decided Rosebud should become White Narcissus, complete with crisp white and yellow tones of Narcissus.

No two rooms are alike at Century House. Innkeeper Gerry, trained as an architect, combs the pages of Architectural Digest, Veranda, Martha Stewart Living and Coastal Living and others to enrich his design with Century House sophisticated clientele in mind. Some examples include his choice of wall coverings mixing stripes with floral, multi-textured fabrics and colors, chandeliers, sconses, and high hats...who would ever think of an enmese onyx floor in your bath such as the case of the beauties Daffodil and Partritdge Berry. These newly redesigned rooms are not your average look. They're luxurious, uniquely decorated, a mix of the old and the new, home-like, comfortable with modern amenities. Each of our rooms is not just a place to stay but work of art hung with original works of art

Other recent makeovers include Partridge Berry, Red Dahlia, Black Orchid, Thistle, etc. Watch for the White Narcissus "Coming out Party."

04 January 2008

Here's a Toast to the Hydrangea

This issue presents both an obvious joy to the Island - the hydranga story - one of the most beautiful flowers on Nantucket Island...the abundance of the magnificent colorful and plumb Hydrangea plant - and the little known fact that we have on Island a jewel of a florist farm at "HYDRANGEA FARM" with over 300 varieties of hydrangeas in half a dozen green houses- located on Madaket Road where the Century House street, Cliff Road, intercepts.

HYDRANGEA FARM busily propagates, grown, sells and ships hydrangeas all over the world. Owner by former Innkeepers and special friends of Innkeepers Gerry and JeanE, Mal and Mary Kay Condon, the Farm focuses only on hydrangeas that grow in Nantucket's USDA zone 7B or below.
Nantucket lies in the same growing zone as Atlanta , but the island experiences more colder days each year so it influences what hydrangea varieties do well on Island .

Learn more about the variety of hydrangeas growing both on Island and throughout the world (Mal is on the International Association) from Mal and Mary Kay for whom the Century House will be hosting a reception - for the
Century House Guests Only
July 9th,, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
at the inn। In the interim, check out their website at http://www.nantuckethydrangea.com where you will find a wealth of information about their specialty. A joy to be around, Mal and Mary Kay will be offering you a private tour of their farm the following morning at 11:00 AM.
Reservations required so please call 508-228-0530 to reserve you stay and participate.
Discover Little Known Treasures through the Century House!!!

The timing of this offering is perfect, as the Nantucket Garden Show is displaying at the New School this same week