12 December 2007

Neighboorhood Nostalgia: Harbor House Village Gone

WHEN: 4/11/81.
RATE: $45.00

Pictured to the left you will see a bill from 1981 when JeanE and her mother came to stay there. The room cost $45.00 + tax. Nowadays $45.00 dollars will get you to Nantucket in an hour, by ferry but you'll have to swim back to Hyannis. Prices have changed on Nantucket.

Hang on for the surprise below.

Oh the memories. Harbor House Village has been our neighbors for years. Many of our guests would visit it for some meeting or other, or most recently the Harbor Wok Restaurant, the only Chinese food on the island.

Thanks for giving us, Century House Inn such special memories. Pictured is a bill Innkeeperette JeanE paid when she came to Nantucket with her Mom in 1981 to purchase " a little bit of the turf" in Sconset on Nantucket Island. Although the Century House was just around the corner, it wasn't opened at the time and little did she know her future fate as its innkeeperette. Alas, speed forward 26 years and find this nostalgic mainstay on the Island , the Harbor House Village, owned and operated by Nantucket Island Resorts (NIR) transforming itself into a new venue as the upcoming White Elephant RESIDENCES Condominiums also owned and marketed by our neighbors, the Nantucket Island Resort (NIR). Located just 4 houses away from the Century House, we welcome our old neighbors in transition to their new status! Harbor House was built originally as a hotel, renting rooms to the island traveler. In 2006 was acquired by Nantucket Island Resorts. Harbor House been a great neighbor in times of need.
The new condominiums residences will start at $1,000,000. For those of you interested, don't forget to come by. You'll be just a "hop and a skip" from the best homemade chocolate chip cookies on the island.