02 May 2007

Visit the Night Sky... Nantucket Constellations!

We are highlighting the work of the Artist-of-artists with the help of Maria Mitchell Association's (MMA) Loines Observatory (pictured here) where Islanders and visitors alike become stargazers and learn which constellations are visible in Nantucket's night sky! Loines Observatory and Vestal Street Observatory is located close to Century House.

Maria Mitchell (1818-1889) was born on Nantucket and called the Island her home for life. She was the first professional woman astronomer, first woman professor of Vassar and first woman to discover a comet in 1847 which was named after her, the MITCHELL.

FACT: During this time Captain Calder had opened the doors of the Century House as a guesthouse to the islanders.

Maria Mitchell's Observatory was built above her father's bank at the top of Main Street. In addition to several historic museums (including her birth-home) affiliated with Ms. Mitchell, the MMA boasts two observatories on the island, where the visitors can observe the Universe's artistry - weather permitting.

The Maria Mitchell Association Association celebrates its opening of the 2007 Season on June 14th. We celebrate Nantucket's hidden treasures - art and the Master Artist, Maria!