28 February 2007

Nantucket Appeals to the Senses!

Nantucket has always been a luxurious destination, where there is something for everyone. Ever wondered about what the Faraway Island is all about? Here are some 2007 season events that are taking place:

April 27-29, Daffodil Festival. Rejoicing that spring has arrived, the main highlight of this event is the Antique Car Parade
May 16-20, Nantucket Wine Festival. For the eleventh year, Nantucket will be the host to over 100 wineries of international reputation!
June 13-17, Nantucket's Film Festival will take place for the tenth year. Celebrating Hollywood glad and the art of screen writing, this festival is one you don't want to miss.
September 29-October 7, Nantucket Arts Festival. It is a celebration of arts on the island sponsored by the Nantucket Arts Council. The festival brings together the best of performing, visual, and literary arts.

With these and many other events happening, you want to choose a place that offers an intimate alternative of a five star hotel. The historic Century House is the inn on the cliff, featuring sensible luxury amenities, all in a relaxed setting. Gerry's Berry Buffet Breakfast is offered daily and has been recognized in Forbes.com and Zagat. To make a reservation visit: www.centuryhouse.com

Freedom is the best form of luxury, and Nantucket has it all! Discover what appeals to your senses and visit Nantucket this 2007 season.

14 February 2007

Truckie - the Love of a Lifetime

Meet Gerry's mistress: Truckie, a perfectly engineered love, beyond belief, who serves dutifully. You may have seen her around the Century House: ostentatious, unpretentious, quiet spirited and a bit shy...a perfect Stepford wife-like one may say. Her portraits are displayed all over the Century House, Gerry's private homes, and everywhere else one can think of so others may see her beauty.

Gerry first fell in love with "Truckie" back in the '80's, about a year after meeting and marrying his one and only true love JeanE. His love for Truckie is forever growing. Innkeeperette JeanE has been known to state: "have you met the mistress?" However, after all these years JeanE has come to understand that love needs to be sacrificial to be growing and lasting.

You may meet Truckie during your stay! Just ask innkeeper Gerry to show her off and he will proudly do so.