08 January 2007

Scalloping Adventury on Nantucket

Scallop: - a shell of any of various marine bivalve mollusks of the family Pectinidae, with circual or fan- shaped shell valves.

Little Known Treasures:

It is this edible flesh of these mollusks that has become the quest for many guests who ask Innkeeper Gerry, “Where can I get Nantucket scallops for dinner?” So famous is this sweet, delicate treat – a taste so unlike any scallop in the world (there are over 400 varieties) and sadly the answer is usually “nowhere” as the Commercial Scalloping season is November 1-March 31, when the Century House is closed.

However, in October of each year there is a special opportunity for recreational scalloping and the Century House may offer an adventure in scalloping to celebrate in 2007, so stay tuned...

As for the process, using pushrakes or dipnets (dredges if commercial permits) along the harbor while wading, diving or snorkeling, the scalloper painstakingly gathers the scallops into the container. Now imagine a bushel of these gems – shells intact – going off to the “shucking shack” where one deftly splices the shell to abstact the “flesh”. Innkeeperette JeanE did this one fine October day with her sister Joanne - who’s Harbor Front Cottage was once used in the early 1900’as a shucking shack- and discovered that the bushel’s yield was miniscule!!!! Enough for a dinner for two at best.. No wonder scallops are so dear!

With the yield of approximately 117,000 bushels harvested in 1980-81 reduced to 5,500 in 2005 and Season 2006 predicted to be lower than previous year, one questions the impact of environmental changes on our coveted Nantucket Scallop and Scalloper. And one needs to remember that the commercial venture is held in bitter cold, raw, barren winter weather so watch for the “easy living” alternative in October, 2007!!

07 January 2007

Century House

Century House-Nantucket Inns
फ्रीदोम्स ऑफ़ नन्तुक्केट
फ्रीदोम इस थे ग्रेअतेस्त फॉर्म ऑफ़ लुक्सुरी. थे बेस्ट थिंग्स अबाउट नन्तुक्केट अरे फ्री. एक्ष्पेरिएन्के. दिस्कोवर. एक्सप्लोर. इर्रेसिस्तिब्ले बेअचेस, ओसान ब्रीजेस, अरोमटिक विल्ड रोसेस, अ वाल्क ओं अन ओल्ड हिस्तोरिक कोब्ब्ले-स्तोनेद स्ट्रीट, अ बीके रीड तो स्कोंसेट, विंड ब्लोविंग इन यौर हेयर, अ क़ुइएत् टीम ओं थे वेरंदा वात्चिंग थे फोग लिफ्ट ऑफ़, अ स्पेक्टाकुलर सुन्सेट, अ वोयागे अत ४ ऍम व्हें इस पूरे दय्लिघ्त, येत थे इस्लंद इस स्टील असलीप. दिस्कोवर थे फ्रीदोम्स ऑफ़ नन्तुक्केट! व्व्व.सन्तुर्य्हौसे.कॉम
व्हें इ थिंक ऑफ़ नन्तुक्केट, फ्रीदोम इस वहत कोमेस टू मंद. एवेरी टीम इ विसित, इ फील कोम्प्लेतेली फ्री फ्रॉम स्ट्रेस, एवेर्य्दय प्रेस्सुरेस एंड रूटीन. एकाच टीम इ ब्रेअठे इन थे सल्टी एयर, प्रोब्लेम्स सीम सो मिनिस्कुले; तेरे'स अ रिचनेस ऑफ़ सेरेनिटी ठाट फिल्ल्स थे एयर एंड अ स्पेशल गलो इन थे ह्य्द्रन्गेअस् ठाट काप्तुरे थे सुन.

अत थे सन्तुरी हौस, वे ट्रेझर ठोस मोमेंट्स एवेर्य्दय एंड सहारे थेम विथ ऑउर गुएस्ट्स थ्रौघोउट थे सीज़न!

न - नातुरल ब्यूटी
अ - आर्ट एंड इंस्पिरेशन
न - नोबल एंड दिस्तिन्गुइशेद्
टी - त्रेअसुरेस ठाट अरे हिडेन
उ - उनिकुए त्रादिशन्स
क - क्रेन्बेर्री तर्ट्स
क - कीचक बेक एंड रेल्स
ए - एक्सप्लोर यौर फ्रीदोम
टी - टिकेट टू रिटर्न!

03 January 2007

Our innkeeperette

When JeanE and Gerry fell in love and decided to get married, they wanted to be together (an impossible feat in her position with a small start up company, with prime responsibility for all marketing “East of the Mississippi”). They chose to look for a project in which they could create a vision of their own. Becoming the innkeepers of the Century House with its historic place as the oldest continuously operating inn on the Island – and one that had fallen into disrepair- became their baby.

But after fifteen years of 100% togetherness, they agreed that Gerry, ever the quintessential Innkeeper, would run the Century House and JeanE would revert to her love of real estate – and become a full time broker with Corcoran Group in Palm Beach, Florida (augmenting her part-time broker activities in Massachusetts since 1974). So JeanE, known to many as Jean Ellen rediscovered who she is, and that indeed is a privilege allotted to those who seek to live who they are.

And...A perfect win/win situation with Jean Ellen commuting to Nantucket throughout the Season. You may visit her website at www.palmbeachrealestatebroker.com